More than any other academic fields, the social sciences are strategically placed to build bridges between academia and civil society, and to support policy-makers in crafting evidence-based responses. 

In the CIVICA alliance, we link research, innovation and knowledge transfer across borders and sectors to find solutions to current and emerging European challenges.

By using existing and new approaches to research in the social sciences and related areas, knowledge-based teams composed of CIVICA researchers, faculty and students are collaborating both physically and digitally. Their aim is to develop new approaches and to share the results of their work with the public, either by informing policymakers on various social and political topics, or by contributing to debates on the crucial issues of our times.

CIVICA Research

New funding provided by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme has allowed us to establish CIVICA Research, a joint long-term research and innovation environment that complements our education strategy.

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Focus areas

CIVICA strives to find solutions to complex societal challenges through a series of integrated activities focused on four key topics: 

  • Societies in Transition and Crises of Earth
  • Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century
  • Europe Revisited
  • Data Driven Technologies for the Social Sciences. 


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PhD course catalogue

Explore the classes, workshops and seminars currently on offer for CIVICA Early Stage Researchers (PhDs and PostDocs)

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Data Science Seminar Series

CIVICA's Data Science Seminar Series allows researchers to share original, new work or work in progress on applications and methodologies of data science for the social, political, and economic world.

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Illustration, Europe Revisited

Call for proposals: Europe Revisited

The editors of the Journal of International Relations and Development invite CIVICA alliance members to propose a forum to reflect on the “Europe Revisited” theme. The proposal should include at least four CIVICA members.
Deadline: 15 June 2021

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Call for papers: special issue Politics and Governance

CIVICA researchers are invited to contribute to a special issue of the journal Politics and Governance on "Gender and Illiberalism in Post-Communist Europe." The thematic issue is edited by Matthijs Bogaards (CEU, head of CIVICA's theme group Democracy in the 21st Century) and Andrea Pető (CEU). 
Submission of abstracts: 1-15 July 2021
Submission of papers: 1-15 March 2022

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Illustration, CIVICA's four focus areas

CIVICA's first call for research proposals: 27 projects submitted

Most projects bring together three CIVICA partners.

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Villa Salviati, EUI

CIVICA (post)doctoral summer schools: sharing work and fostering interdisciplinarity

Early stage researchers (ESRs) from across the social sciences and humanities will have a unique opportunity to meet peers, share research, and receive input from senior scholars: the 2021 CIVICA summer schools taking place in Italy this year.

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László Pintér, photo by CEU - Peter Lorenz

Spotlight on CIVICA’s focus area "Societies in Transition and Crises of Earth"

Theme Leader Professor László Pintér from Central European University unpacks CIVICA’s focus area dedicated to sustainable development, environmental assessment, urban transformation, and COVID consequences and recovery measures.

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Class at CEU; credit: Daniel Vegel, CEU

Spotlight on CIVICA’s focus area "Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century"

Associate Professor Matthijs Bogaards from CEU and fellow researchers shed light on CIVICA's focus area examining contemporary issues such as democratic backsliding, the reform of democracy, polarisation and the social embededdness of democracy.

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CEU Vienna campus - photo by Alexander Chitsazan

Spotlight on CIVICA’s focus area "Europe Revisited"

Associate Professor of International Relations Xymena Kurowska from Central European University (CEU) and fellow researchers unpack CIVICA's thematic group "Europe Revisited," which tackles topics such as multilevel governance of migration, constitutional resilience, EU and the world, green values and green economy, and interdisciplinary approaches in research.

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Student working at computer, CEU. Credit: Daniel Vegel

Spotlight on CIVICA’s focus area "Data-Driven Technologies for the Social Sciences"

Professor of Network and Data Science Janos Kertesz (CEU) and fellow CIVICA researchers explain what's behind the focus area dedicated to learning about society through data science.

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Lens looking at society, credit: Arthimedes, Shutterstock

CIVICA Research launches with call for collaborative research projects

Carsten Q. Schneider (CEU) and Guillaume Plantin (Sciences Po) talk about the strategy behind CIVICA Research and CIVICA's first call for research proposals.

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Johanna Mair, Professor of Organization, Strategy and Leadership, Hertie School
Hertie School

How social enterprises in Germany tackled the COVID-19 crisis

Research project SEFORÏS, organised by the Hertie School in the frame of CIVICA, shows that social enterprises are resilient, but wary of the pandemic's long-term impact.

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CIVICA’s research and innovation dimension strengthened through Horizon 2020

CIVICA – The European University of Social Sciences has received funding to strengthen its research dimension from the EU’s programme Horizon 2020, under the chapter “Science with and for Society.” The activities funded under this call aim to establish “CIVICA Research,” a joint long-term research and innovation environment.

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The COVID-19 crisis

CIVICA alliance’s COVID-19 knowledge hub

The research outputs, expert insights, media features and examples of community involvement collected on this page promote a deeper understanding of the impacts of the pandemic and encourage an open dialogue at all levels of society.

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