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Undergraduate offers that connect students and society

CIVICA brings together 50,000 students and 10,000 faculty from eight world-renowned higher education institutions across Europe. 

By strengthening inter-university and cross-national mobility, we are working towards a physically and digitally connected campus. This will allow students to engage in transnational academic experiences, well beyond any one institutional or national context.

At the undergraduate level, CIVICA will design a multi-campus interdisciplinary bachelor track with a focus on civic engagement. 

Based on existing experiences at Sciences Po and at the Stockholm School of Economics, students will have the opportunity to combine academics with civic commitment, thus internalising values like responsibility and sustainability through concrete action from an early stage on. 

Students at SSE, photo by Priscila Elias

The CIVICA Engage Track

The CIVICA Engage Track is a European multi-campus, interdisciplinary bachelor experience with a focus on civic engagement.

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SSE students interacting in the city, credit SSE

Be a part of the solution to the challenges facing Europe

Starting this academic year, bachelor students can channel their civic engagement and help effect real change through a new interdisciplinary program. The CIVICA Engage track will offer field work, exchanges and new experiences to students across the CIVICA alliance.

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Hilda Hardell SSE, Photo by Alva Jonevret

Building bridges and broadening horizons through student involvement

Now that the European Universities are becoming a reality, it is important to give the students a say. Hilda Hardell from the Stockholm School of Economics is helping to bring student influence to the top levels of CIVICA – and the EU.

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Chrys Margaritidis, CEU - Photo by Zoltan Adrian

Community engagement: A vital part of CIVICA’s initiatives

Community engagement is an important part of any university’s relationship-building activities, and CIVICA is no different. CEU Dean of Students Chrys Margaritidis speaks to us about the role and initiatives of our alliance's civic engagement work package and why community engagement is vital.

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Student meeting

Student initiatives

A joint football tournament? A podcast series? An essay competition? The CIVICA alliance is open to student initiatives. Find out more and get to know your local CIVICA Ambassadors.

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CIVICA joint statement on the COVID-19 crisis

CIVICA alliance’s COVID-19 knowledge hub

Research outputs, expert insights, media features and examples of community involvement from the CIVICA alliance.

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