European Student Assembly

European Student Assembly

The European Universities Community (EUC) is a grassroots initiative gathering student representatives from European University Alliances. Its objective is to give all European students a voice in the Conference on the Future of Europe launched by the European institutions in 2021.

Upcoming event

The European Universities Community launched the third edition of the European Student Assembly.

From January to April 2024, selected students will work remotely to deepen their understanding of a chosen topic and produce a collection of recommendations before meeting with their peers for a 3-day event in Strasbourg from 10-12 April to propose concrete solutions. 

Selected students will have their travel costs from European countries covered by CIVICA. 

Applications have now closed.

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Past events

  • European Student Assembly 2023
  • European Student Assembly 2022

The second edition of the European Student Assembly took place from 31 May to 2 June. 230 students from 40 European University Alliances gathered to exchange ideas and collaborate on shaping the future of Europe.

Students had the chance to delve into 10 Panel topics such as sustainable farming, inclusion, digital innovation, and more. Through constructive debates and collaborative efforts, they drafted and voted 75 political recommendations aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities facing Europe.

Selected students had their travel costs from European countries covered by CIVICA.  

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As part of EUC, the inaugural session of the European Student Assembly brought together 275 student representatives from the European University Alliances for a conference in Strasbourg on 3-4 March 2022.

CIVICA was represented at the Assembly by 26 students and PhDs from all alliance members. 

Together, students discussed some of the more complex challenges that the EU faces today to eventually make recommendations to European policy makers.

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Are you interested in other ways of action? EUC proposes a wide array of activities. Have a look at their website and get in touch with the contact person in charge of the action you want to join.

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