Student initiatives

Student initiatives

CIVICA is an alliance of eight high-ranking universities in the field of social sciences with more than 50,000 students & PhDs. In addition to the coordinated academic exchange between the universities, CIVICA places the mobility and networking of students and PhDs first.

An essay competition? A podcast series? A joint sports tournament? On this page you can find all CIVICA student-led initiatives.

The CIVICA alliance is open to student initiatives. Contact your local Ambassadors to propose your own ideas and learn about the type of support we can offer.

CIVICA Ambassadors 21/22

Meet the CIVICA Ambassadors

The CIVICA Ambassadors promote interaction and exchange within the alliance's communities and act as first points of contact to CIVICA for their peers. 


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Current initiatives

Image of woman with loudspeaker

futurEU Competition 2022

Already at its second edition, the futurEU Competition engages students and PhD researchers across CIVICA to share their ideas on the future of the EU. 

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Flag of the European Union

First session of the European Student Assembly

Initiated by students from European Universities, this project aims to give a voice to European students in the Conference for the Future of Europe. 

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Two students discuss in front of a computer screen, credit: Hertie School

Doctoral Research Groups

This bottom-up initiative aims to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between early career researchers at CIVICA unis.

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Image of Euro banknotes and coins, credit Pixabay

Towards a More Optimal Eurozone

This student project supported by CIVICA aims to produce a report evaluating the performance of the monetary union since its creation. 

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Past initiatives

Illustration, Report on the Future of Europe

Report on the Future of Europe

The Report on the Future of Europe is meant for young Europeans to reflect on tough questions regarding Europe's future and propose their vision for a way forward.

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Over to Europe - A podcast of the CIVICA community

Over to Europe brings CIVICA’s students, researchers, faculty and staff into dialogue about the ideas and values that are central to Europe.


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Mara Balasa (SSE) in Strasbourg

European Student Assembly: SSE student shares her involvement in Strasbourg

In March, 275 students met at the European Student Assembly in Strasbourg to have discussions on the future of Europe. Mara Balasa from SSE had the great opportunity to attend on behalf of CIVICA.

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European Student Assembly
Sciences Po

European Student Assembly: Two Sciences Po panel leaders share their experiences

The first edition of the European Student Assembly took place in Strasbourg, bringing together students from all over the European Union.

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Students near a podium, illustration

The European Student Assembly jumpstarts student participation in the European Union

The new initiative gathers students from European University alliances, including CIVICA, to deliberate the complex issues impacting the EU’s future.

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Woman with loud speaker
Hertie School

FuturEU competition invites student proposals for EU reforms

Students from across the CIVICA alliance can enter policy briefs on area of their choosing.

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Presentation of the Report on the Future of Europe, SMLH event, 8 November
Bocconi University

Young Europeans’ vision for the future of Europe

The "Report on the Future of Europe," drafted by students from CIVICA and beyond in response to key challenges the EU is facing, was presented at a high-level event in Rome.

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The CIVICA Ambassadors

CIVICA celebrates its first cohort of student & ESR Ambassadors

Through outreach and joint projects, the Ambassadors have brought CIVICA communities closer.

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Collage Berlin / Paris - Photos via Unsplash
Hertie School

Hertie School and Sciences Po student publications team up, may spark future projects with CIVICA partners

Student-led publications Governance Post and Paris Globalist collaborate to expand network, reach.

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Premier Campus workshop on the Reims campus of Sciences Po, February 2020
Sciences Po

CIVICA students and PhDs open international perspectives to Sciences Po Premier Campus high school students

Fostering international ambitions before entering higher education: on Friday 26 February, 37 French high schoolers from Sciences Po’s Premier Campus programme participated in online discussions with student and PhD representatives from CIVICA universities across Europe.

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