Doctoral Research Groups

Doctoral Research Groups

The purpose of this initiative is to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between early career researchers, with a view of advancing original and rigorous research on issues of interest at a European level.

The initiative is aimed at doctoral and postdoctoral researchers across the CIVICA alliance, so that they can share ideas and expertise that can expand their understanding of the issues they are researching.

The goal is to facilitate the dialogue between PhD/postdoc researchers working on similar subjects, but approaching these topics from different disciplinary or methodological angles.

The themes selected connect to the key areas of research identified as a priority by the CIVICA alliance:

  • Sustainable development and urban transformations
  • European integration
  • Mobility and migration
  • Comparative research focusing on European countries



Fiona Gogescu, PhD researcher and CIVICA Ambassador at LSE, at f.t.gogescu(at)

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