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CIVICA Research gathers experts from the eight-member CIVICA alliance to contribute knowledge and solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.
This blog brings you their latest research in an accessible format as well as news from our joint research initiatives.

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Societies in Transition, Crises of Earth

CIVICA Research STEADFAST workshop: The role of energy and food demand in climate change mitigation

In an online workshop held on 7 March 2023, a group of researchers presented their work on the CIVICA Research Project STEADFAST. Silvia Pianta, Visiting Fellow at the European University Institute’s Max Weber Programme, organised the event and gave a presentation on the role of food demand in climate change mitigation. The event was a joint effort between CIVICA members Bocconi University, Central European University, and the European University Institute (EUI).

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Scanning Social Networks to Understand Political Polarisation and Fake News

The outcomes of the EPO-WG project, funded by CIVICA Research, do not end with the study of political polarisation in Europe; a new network of computational social scientists is also emerging.

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Partner news

CIVICA Research Excellence Tours: Benoit Pelopidas on Nuclear Weapons Futures

CIVICA Research Excellence Tours are designed to develop the scientific identity of the CIVICA alliance within the global academic community. During these visits, leading scholars present their research, share their expertise, and meet with faculty and early-stage researchers at the host institutions.

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Hertie School co-launches research project ReLiCon

Postdoc Ivo Gruev to lead the CIVICA-funded study examining democratic backsliding in East Central Europe.

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