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CIVICA Research gathers experts from the eight-member CIVICA alliance to contribute knowledge and solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.
This blog brings you their latest research in an accessible format as well as news from our joint research initiatives.

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Catherine Lefèvre wins poster prize at CIVICA Research Conference

Catherine Lefèvre, EUI Max Weber Fellow at the History Department, is the winner of the poster competition hosted by the Central European University (CEU) in the framework of the first CIVICA Research Conference. The event took place on 1-2 September at the CEU’s Budapest campus

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Partner news

Computing Sciences at Bocconi University

Riccardo Zecchina is a theoretical physicist and the Head of the new Department of Computing Sciences at Bocconi University in Milan.

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Federica Querin, EUI

EUI Max Weber Fellow at Bocconi University: Federica Querin joins CIVICA Mobility Scheme

Federica Querin, Max Weber Fellow at EUI, shares her experience at Bocconi's Dondena Centre through the CIVICA Postdoctoral Mobility Scheme.

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Martina Ferracane, EUI
Data-Driven Technologies for the Social Sciences

CIVICA Research team delivering on Digital Trade Integration

The 'Digital Trade Integration' research project draws on the expertise and experience of academics and practitioners from the CIVICA alliance and beyond. They are now on their way towards delivering a dataset covering digital trade regulations in 94 countries.

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