Civic engagement

Civic engagement

CIVICA aims to reach society beyond academia. Civic engagement is at the core of this ambition.

Our alliance strives to become an agent of change in European society, defending and promoting European democratic values, and becoming fully networked in the local communities.  

Our civic engagement activities unfold along three main directions:

Illustration for the CIVICA Public Lecture Series Tours d'Europe

CIVICA Public Lecture Series Tours d'Europe

Researchers and experts from CIVICA member universities share their findings and interrogations on contemporary issues with a non-expert audience. The events are open to all those interested.

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Access to higher education

CIVICA will implement a programme focused on first generation students and other high school students (e.g. from disadvantaged backgrounds) to promote access to higher education.

The programme will help high school students gain a better understanding of what higher education has to offer, by giving them a taste of the university experience and promoting social diversity.

Students, faculty and staff on CIVICA campuses will collaborate with local high schools, offering various activities in line with the alliance's civic engagement ethos. 

Action for marginalised groups

In an effort to promote societal cohesion across Europe, CIVICA will run various initiatives aimed at marginalised groups and other minorities.

Building on partner universities' experiences, these activities will aim to improve the situation of the minorities, by highlight the role universities can play in their lives, fostering engagement with academia, and offering various opportunities.