Faculty teams across the CIVICA alliance are currently developing new educational offers at undergraduate, master's and (post)doctoral level.

CIVICA brings together 72,000 students & PhDs and 13,000 faculty from ten world-renowned higher education institutions across Europe.

By strengthening inter-university and cross-national mobility, CIVICA is working towards a true European campus, with both physical and digital transnational experiences that will allow students and early stage researchers to pursue academic paths well beyond any one institutional or national context.

Joint and flexible curriculum development, co-taught courses, and innovative educational experiences will greatly enhance the opportunities available to students and early stage researchers. We aim to offer a blended, interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral learning experience, which is at the same time modular and customised. 

Undergraduate level

Students at SSE, photo by Priscila Elias

The CIVICA Engage Track

The CIVICA Engage Track is a European multi-campus, interdisciplinary bachelor experience with a focus on civic engagement.

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Students at the Stockholm School of Economics, Photo: Juliana Wiklund

European Week

The CIVICA European Week is both a stand-alone learning event and a central element of the CIVICA Engage Track. This short-term immersive programme aims to raise students’ understanding of social challenges and work together to address them. 

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Master's level

Students at Bocconi University engaged in academic work

The future of Europe - Europeanship multicampus course

Held throughout the fall semester 2021, this CIVICA flagship initiative spurs master's students to work in transnational teams on a EU policy challenge.


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Students at Sciences Po and at the Hertie School engage in online activities

Joint master's courses

In CIVICA's jointly taught courses at master's level, students can benefit from the perspective of faculty and peers at two different member universities.


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PhD/postdoc level

Glasses on a book

ESR course catalogue

Explore the classes, workshops and seminars currently on offer for CIVICA Early Stage Researchers (PhDs and PostDocs)

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Further training resources

Through CIVICA's rich offer of trainings, PhD/postdoc researchers can advance their professional and methods skills.


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Students at Bocconi University engaged in academic work

CIVICA’s first multicampus course concludes with European teamwork on major EU policy challenges

More than 130 master’s students from the alliance have benefitted from the cross-border interdisciplinary experience.

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Shot of computer screen open to my.civica website

CIVICA’s new internal platform is stepping stone to the European digital campus is designed to improve the e-learning experience of students and offer alliance members a common digital platform.

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Pierre Moscovici at the inaugural "Future of Europe" lecture
Sciences Po

Former European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici opens CIVICA’s first multicampus course

In this brand-new educational experience, master's students work across borders and universities to examine European policy challenges.

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CIVICA PhDs at the Summer School on EUI campus

Building bridges, growing networks: CIVICA’s interdisciplinary summer school on European integration

The European University Institute hosted the first CIVICA doctoral summer school on its campus in Florence, Italy. More than 30 researchers and faculty from across the alliance took part in the interdisciplinary event.

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Screenshot CIVICA European Week online mingle

European collaboration success for CIVICA

In June, 40 undergraduate students from CIVICA members took part in the first edition of the CIVICA European Week, organised by SSE.

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Dilly Fung, LSE

Dilly Fung: CIVICA Engage is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others

LSE’s Pro-Director for Education explains how the CIVICA Engage Track connects civic responsibility with learning and inspires students to create societal change.

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Rhydian Cleaver, LSE

Maximise the real-world potential of your studies: civic engagement through CIVICA

LSE's Rhydian Cleaver, BSc Politics (3rd year), explains how civic engagement experience can boost students' future prospects whilst doing something meaningful for the world, and why the CIVICA Engage Track is a golden opportunity to develop civic engagement skills.

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Student browsing the PhD course catalogue, credit: EUI

CIVICA’s Early Stage Researcher Course Catalogue now online

Early stage researchers attending CIVICA member institutions have a new resource for research training: the Early Stage Researcher Course Catalogue.

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Students at Sciences Po and at the Hertie School engage in online activities
Sciences Po / Hertie School

In first jointly taught CIVICA master’s course, students explore “Democracy in Crisis”

Around 25 students from the Hertie School and 45 from Sciences Po signed up for the first joint master's course of CIVICA, co-taught by Florence Faucher of Sciences Po and Christian Freudlsperger of the Hertie School. For the fall 2020 sessions, the professors homed in on two topics of public interest around the globe – democracy and crisis.

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