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A truly European journey for CIVICA master’s students

Interview with Carlo Altomonte (Bocconi)

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    futuEU student-led initiative

    futurEU competition

    Students & PhD researchers across CIVICA: join the first futurEU competition and have your idea about EU reform heard!


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    Sciences Po

    Towards a gender-inclusive European University

    Sciences Po researcher, Maxime Forest, speaks about the plans for a CIVICA Gender Equality and Inclusion Workshop in November 2020. 


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    President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen

    'Society, Europe and Future' with Ursula von der Leyen

    On 28 November, the President of the European Commission will speak at the official inauguration of the Academic Year 2020-2021 at Bocconi University.


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    Students at LSE, credit Nigel Stead

    LSE meets CIVICA: A student conversation

    LSE’s CIVICA Ambassadors Liam Selsby and Fiona Gogescu hosted an online conversation with peers, “LSE and CIVICA: What does our relationship mean to you?”.


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    Class at CEU; credit: Daniel Vegel, CEU

    Spotlight on CIVICA’s focus area "Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century"

    Associate Professor Matthijs Bogaards from CEU and fellow researchers shed light on CIVICA's focus area exploring democratic backsliding, the reform of democracy, polarisation and the social embededdness of democracy.


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    Victor Negrescu, credit: European Parliament

    CIVICA and European identity: Interview with MEP Victor Negrescu

    What is the current view on European identity at the top of the EU? We talked to Dr. Victor Negrescu, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education, European Parliament, and Lecturer and former Vice-Rector at SNSPA, Romania.


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    Andrew Butler
    Hertie School

    An expanded role for higher ed in European integration?

    In his 2020 MPP thesis, Hertie School alum Andy Butler researched the European Universities initiative.


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