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Call for Research Proposals 2022 (seed funding)

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Postdoctoral mobility scheme

Apply by 15 January 2022
CIVICA Ambassadors 21/22

Meet the CIVICA Ambassadors 21/22

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CIVICA Research: Knowledge and solutions to the world's pressing challenges

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New season of CIVICA's podcast Over to Europe


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    Join the futurEU competition 2022

    The futurEU Competition 2022 is calling all students and PhD researchers across CIVICA to share their opinions on the future of the EU. Do you have an idea and want to have it heard?

    Register by 20 December 2021

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    Hertie Schol

    Franco-German To-Dos: What is the Agenda for the Post-Eection Period?

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    Student working at computer, CEU. Credit: Daniel Vegel

    CIVICA’s joint course Gendering Illiberalism generates classroom collaboration across the alliance

    Co-taught by faculty from CEU and SNSPA, the course unpacks the buzzword “illiberalism” and prompts students to read, discuss and write about democratic backsliding.

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    Illustration Over to Europe podcast

    CIVICA podcast Over to Europe: Episode 2x06

    The pandemic has exposed the faults in our global health and governance systems. What can be done on an intergovernmental level to improve existing systems and better manage future international crises?

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    Shot of computer screen open to my.civica website

    CIVICA’s new internal platform is stepping stone to the European digital campus

    my.civica.eu is designed to improve the e-learning experience of students and offer alliance members a common digital platform.

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    Hertie School

    FuturEU competition invites student proposals for EU reforms

    Students from across the CIVICA alliance can enter policy briefs on area of their choosing.

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    Presentation of the Report on the Future of Europe, SMLH event, 8 November
    Bocconi University

    Young Europeans’ vision for the future of Europe

    The "Report on the Future of Europe," drafted by students from CIVICA and beyond in response to key challenges the EU is facing, was presented at a high-level event in Rome.

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    Linnea Svanberg, SSE

    SSE student represents CIVICA at prestigious event in Rome

    SSE master's student and CIVICA Ambassador Linnea Svanberg joined peers from the alliance and beyond to present the collaborative Report on the Future of Europe at the French Embassy in Rome.

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