CIVICA Ambassadors

CIVICA Ambassadors range from undergraduate students to postdoctoral researchers, and represent each university in the alliance. Their role is to promote interaction and exchange within the alliance's communities, and be a first point of contact to CIVICA for their peers.

The Ambassadors network actively shapes CIVICA by initiating bottom-up projects and participating in formal and informal alliance activities.

Meet the CIVICA Ambassadors for the academic year 2022/23 below.

Ambassadors from Bocconi University

"Evidence shows that the most impactful social science contributions are produced in collaboration, and CIVICA can help young scholars find their coauthors" - Konstantin Bogatyrev

"CIVICA represents to me how powerful educational platforms are; it illustrates how we can use the field of social sciences not only as a tool to passively understand the world, but also to interact with and change it" - Bianca Da Silva Inocêncio

"Participating in CIVICA’s FuturEU competition last year allowed me to experience European cooperation and inclusion in practice" - Carolina Guerra

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Konstantin Bogatyrev Bocconi University

Bianca Da Silva Inocêncio Bocconi University

Ambassadors from Central European University

"As a CIVICA Ambassador, it is my duty to fortify the bridge of cooperation and multilateral research between students through communal engagements and various planned initiatives" - Lena Ibishi

"This alliance is made of European universities but I do not believe it is exclusive for European students. For me this means a diverse and healthy environment to reflect and collectively do something to improve societies" - Alphonse Ndayisaba

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Ambassadors from the European University Institute

"Simply put, without European cooperation, my home university, the European University Institute, would not exist" - Joël Christoph

"CIVICA is an inclusive network of top-notch universities across Europe that is capable of empowering the future generation of European entrepreneurs, thinkers and leaders" - Mahmoud Javadi

Ambassadors from the Hertie School

"CIVICA brings its participants the possibility of learning in a much more diverse environment, with students, researchers, and professionals with different educational and social backgrounds, interests, and skills" - Júlia Cots Capell

"Social interactions fostered through this new community can lead to new accumulation of knowledge and translate into new partnerships, possibilities as well as policy-learning" - Francesca Minetto

Júlia Cots Capell Master's student
Hertie School

Francesca Minetto PhD researcher
Hertie School

Ambassadors from IE University

"In essence, CIVICA helps erase the borders created by our differences, by our cultures and nationalities" - Isabel De Valenzuela

"Madrid is an international hub for Higher Education and IE University, as an international institution, an strong ally for CIVICA. IE University will benefit from belonging to this alliance and together contribute to elevating higher education" - Ida Nydelius

Ambassadors from the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration

"I want to represent my community in the best possible way and foster intercultural and multidisciplinary initiatives which can be a valuable experience for students" - Joanna Grams 

"CIVICA is a project where young people have the courage to freely express their point of view, an opening to many opportunities having links with a number of renowned European universities" - Alexandra Bianca Marica

Ambassadors from Sciences Po

"I believe CIVICA perfectly embodies some of the values I care the most about: the promotion of democracy and of a European identity, of diversity and inclusion, innovation and evidence-based research" - Allegra Semenzato

"This alliance represents everything that I look for in Europe, a drive coming from the youth to cooperate, learn and research together to bring the EU to its full potential of unity" - Nina Wloczysiak

Ambassadors from the SGH Warsaw School of Economics

"Thanks to my university's participation in the CIVICA alliance, my peers will be able to learn more about European projects aimed specifically at young scientists" - Aleksandra Dragan

"CIVICA means greater opportunities for development and growth for me, my colleagues, and my alma mater. A chance to influence the world in a meaningful, positive way" - Paweł Pikoń

Aleksandra Dragan SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Paweł Pikoń SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Ambassadors from the Stockholm School of Economics

"A better understanding of the neighbors will help us coordinate our effort in solving the big problems of our time" - Gustav Jäger

"CIVICA gives us unique access to a broad and diverse network of incredibly talented, curious and motivated minds that spans much further than the walls of our own university" - Emma Summer Johnson

Ambassadors from The London School of Economics and Political Science

"My main priority as a CIVICA ambassador is to encourage democratic and critical debates regarding the future of Europe in a multi-disciplinary context" - Elžbieta Janušauskaitė

"I am interested in promoting the cooperation of Europeans on a political and social level, but also expanding European identity and making more people feel welcome in Europe" - Isabel Mangum

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