CIVICA Ambassadors

CIVICA Ambassadors range from undergraduate students to postdoctoral researchers, and represent each university in the alliance. Their role is to promote interaction and exchange within the alliance's communities, and be a first point of contact to CIVICA for their peers.

The Ambassadors network actively shapes CIVICA by initiating bottom-up projects and participating in formal and informal alliance activities.

The CIVICA Ambassador cohort for the academic year 2021/22 will be announced soon.

Meet the CIVICA Ambassadors 2020/2021 below.

Ambassadors from Bocconi University

"The strong partnerships and interconnections that the European Universities have established (and every day create) allow me to take advantage of networks of students and experts that, I am sure, will impact my future." —Beatrice Boarolo

"CIVICA represents the opportunity to unleash the full potential of centuries of European thinking in the realm of social sciences. I truly believe that what can be achieved by CIVICA, in terms of excellence of research and effectiveness of the learning experience, is much more than the sum of its individual components." —Giulio Cervi

Beatrice Boarolo, CIVICA Ambassador

Beatrice Boarolo Dual master's programme
Bocconi University and Sciences Po

Giulio Vittorio Cervi

Giulio Vittorio Cervi Dual master's programme
Bocconi University and LSE

Ambassadors from Central European University

"Knowledge is a collective endeavour and CIVICA represents a unique opportunity to discuss, exchange, and improve our ideas among some of the best social science students and faculty in Europe. Shaping this initiative to live up to its ambitious goals is also up to the students and I hope most of us can engage to build this initiative from the ground up." —Renato Henrique de Gaspi

"CIVICA means working closely to make the most out of our academic differences and unite them to expand our knowledge. More mutual understanding would naturally come out of our tight cooperation on projects that matter to us." —Marta Vuković

Renato De Gaspi

Renato Henrique de Gaspi PhD researcher
Central European University

Marta Vukovic

Marta Vuković Master's student
Central European University

Ambassadors from the European University Institute

"I would invite all 38,000 students of CIVICA to make use of this platform, because it is a great mechanism for advancing their knowledge and skills. It is also a great opportunity for their advancement as the new generation of professionals that will tackle the most pressing problems of the world." —Blerta Begisholli

"CIVICA is a unique and inspiring attempt to form a European University of Social Sciences, and thus to bundle existing strengths and discover new synergies in research, teaching, and impact beyond each participating institution." —Sebastian Diessner

"For me CIVICA is a valuable avenue to draw on the expertise and experience of a much wider community beyond my own academic institution. I believe it inspires us to look beyond the way things are done at our own institutions and challenges us take the best from our separate institutions to improve and learn together." —Michelle Graabek

"I strongly believe that by developing collaboration through integrated activities, CIVICA can play a key role in fostering our understanding of the turbulent social and economic dynamic Europe is facing at the moment. As an opportunity to join forces and strengthen the impact of the social sciences on the world around us, CIVICA could never be as timely as it is now." —Tamara Popic

Sebastian Diessner

Sebastian Diessner Postdoctoral Fellow, EUI / Visiting Fellow, LSE

Ambassadors from the Hertie School

"CIVICA offers a great opportunity for academic communities across the European continent to join forces. It allows students and researchers to benefit from each other’s knowledge, breaks down borders between academic cohorts, and thus makes increased cooperation and cohesion possible. In today's Europe, the implementation of this idea is more necessary than ever." —Maryse Dalhoff

"We know the challenges we face as a community of European countries. It is our opportunity, at the level of academic institutions, to create increased cohesion and collaboration across the continent. Through the CIVICA programs, we seek to follow this mindset and to create opportunities for all students to connect across institutions and bring added value to their academic careers." —Jean Pierre Salendres

Jean Pierre Salendres

Jean Pierre Salendres Master's student
Hertie School

Ambassadors from the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration

"The interconnectivity this project strives towards is very important for me because I always thought that a more interconnected European higher education system would straighten the ties between EU countries, as it would enable youth to better understand each other regardless of national, cultural or linguistic barriers." —Roxana Irod

"CIVICA represents the community where students having different social and cultural backgrounds are enabled to make their mark and together to form the ideal mixture for social research and innovation." —Teodora Mitrulescu

Ambassadors from Sciences Po

"CIVICA is a network building on years of successful partnerships and coming together to address current and emerging challenges. This is a great way to meet students all over Europe and work on common goals for the betterment of society!" —Reem Al-Ameri

"I am a strong believer in Europe’s ability to bring people from different horizons together towards a common goal. For me, CIVICA thus represents an opportunity to contribute to building a better and brighter Europe: to tighten links among Europeans, to foster innovative responses to social challenges, and to create more links between Europe and the areas outside it." —Chloé Bertrand

"True to its name, I believe that CIVICA creates the opportunity to work on solutions to the most pressing challenges we encounter in our communities and societies. Ideally, by capitalising on the richness of its student bodies and by implicating civil society in its projects, the CIVICA alliance will be able to create synergies and work out innovative approaches that exceed what each university could devise individually." —Stefan Pfalzer

Reem Al Ameri

Reem Al-Ameri Undergraduate student
Sciences Po

Stefan Pfalzer

Stefan Pfalzer Dual master's programme
Sciences Po and LSE

Ambassadors from the Stockholm School of Economics

"I'm of the belief that European cooperation and taking parts of a broader span of ideas and perspectives will make my studies more useful and teach me to take on unfamiliar situations, making me unbound to one single location. Got a great idea for a CIVICA initiative? Hit me up on Facebook!" —Daniel Johannesson

"I see CIVICA as a university for students who like to find themselves in an international environment, challenge themselves academically, and strive to take an active role in a global society, three things that lie close to my heart." —Linnea Svanberg

Daniel Johannesson

Daniel Johannesson Undergraduate student
Stockholm School of Economics

Photo of Linnea Svanberg

Linnea Svanberg Undergraduate student
Stockholm School of Economics

Ambassadors from The London School of Economics and Political Science

"I truly believe that CIVICA will open up great opportunities for you to interact and exchange ideas with students and teachers who share your intellectual interests. I think you should be courageous and seize the opportunities for dialogue created by CIVICA. From my experience as a PhD student, you probably will never feel 100% ready to present your ideas to others, but the feedback from those that can make you see the world from different angles is incredibly helpful." —Fiona Gogescu

"CIVICA to me means the chance for us to open up ever more so in a divided world. It is a chance for some of the leading universities in the world to come together to help tackle some of the biggest crises we face and be a chance to embrace new and exciting ideas. Not only does this give us academics a chance to collaborate, but CIVICA also enables us to see the world from a different perspective." ­—Liam Selsby

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