CIVICA Ambassadors

CIVICA Ambassadors range from undergraduate students to postdoctoral researchers, and represent each university in the alliance. Their role is to promote interaction and exchange within the alliance's communities, and be a first point of contact to CIVICA for their peers.

The Ambassadors network actively shapes CIVICA by initiating bottom-up projects and participating in formal and informal alliance activities.

Meet the CIVICA Ambassadors for the academic year 2021/22 below.

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Ambassadors from Bocconi University

"It will be my priority to let my peers know about initiatives, promote CIVICA’s mission among the students and contribute to an innovative education project. It is of paramount importance to know that Europe is there for you." —Daniel Eid

"I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to participate in the first edition of the CIVICA Engage Track. I now want to give back to future students that approach the experience and are looking for a mentor."—Chiara Sacchetti

Daniel Eid

Daniel Eid Undergraduate student
Bocconi University

Chiara Sacchetti

Chiara Sacchetti Undergraduate student
Bocconi University

Ambassadors from Central European University

"CIVICA means to me: one of the strongest trends in academia; internationalisation; European mission; transfer of knowledge and good practices." —Krystof Dolezal 

"CIVICA provides ambitious students with a vast variety of interdisciplinary and research opportunities with the support of its international community. It promotes international knowledge exchange and social inclusion, which I believe are the core for understanding social issues." —Ženja Eremić

"European cooperation is not anymore only an ideal, but a reality we need to maintain day by day, through our activities." —Andreea-Maria Ianoșiu 

Krystof Dolezal

Krystof Dolezal PhD researcher
Central European University

Zenja Eremic

Ženja Eremić Master's student
Central European University

Andreea-Maria Ianoșiu

Andreea-Maria Ianoșiu Master's student
Central European University

Ambassadors from the European University Institute

"For me as a prospective scholar, CIVICA is an opportunity to step out of the ivory tower of desk research and meet and exchange ideas with peers within a pan-European network of academic excellence." —Ivo Iliev

"We have to remember that what makes academia so special is its ability to forge partnerships and fascinating new pathways across borders: knowledge and learning, after all, have the potential to be truly global in their reach. CIVICA helps us make these connections a reality by crafting pan-European teams that can act as continental hubs for social research and innovation." —Marius S. Ostrowski

Marius Ostrowski

Marius S. Ostrowski Max Weber Fellow

Ambassadors from the Hertie School

"CIVICA is to me one of these bottom-up initiatives that enables students and researchers from all over the world to work together in the development of solutions to today’s and future challenges." —Júlia Cots Capell

"CIVICA means opportunity: opportunity for knowledge-sharing, for shared knowledge-creation, for international involvement. It is an opportunity to engage and build a wider-sense of belonging within a more inclusive community. It is an opportunity to constructively, inter-disciplinarily, internationally generate change." —Francesca Minetto

Julia Cots

Júlia Cots Capell Master's student
Hertie School

Francesca Minetto

Francesca Minetto PhD researcher
Hertie School

Ambassadors from the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration

"My main priority is students. Nowadays, young people need to be properly informed, to be helped to overcome certain fears, to learn to take on certain responsibilities not only for their future, but also for those they don't know. What I would like, as a CIVICA Ambassador, is to guide young people, to offer them security and confidence to get out of the comfort zone and be part of CIVICA activities." —Ionelia Hîrju

"The interconnectivity this project strives towards is very important for me because I always thought that a more interconnected European higher education system would straighten the ties between EU countries, as it would enable youth to better understand each other regardless of national, cultural or linguistic barriers." —Roxana Irod

Roxana Irod

Roxana Irod Undergraduate student

Ambassadors from Sciences Po

"CIVICA is a great way for me to connect with youth across Europe to understand their priorities in cooperation. This is the tangible output of the idea that, if young people come together, work together and share ideas early on, cooperation in the long term will be more likely as European identity continues to solidify in their spirits." —Reem Al-Ameri

"CIVICA facilitates the sharing of resources, the transnational circulation of knowledge, and ultimately the possibility of creating innovative research clusters at the European level." —Léonard Colomba-Petteng

"Living and studying in different EU countries would not have been possible without European cooperation! Having had the opportunity to meet people from across the EU was then an essential motivation to better understand political behaviour in the EU and to focus on comparative research in that area." —Elena Schulz-Ruhtenberg

Reem Al Ameri

Reem Al-Ameri Undergraduate student
Sciences Po

Leonard Colomba Petteng

Léonard Colomba-Petteng PhD researcher
Sciences Po

Elena Schulz Ruhtenberg

Elena Schulz-Ruhtenberg Master's student
Sciences Po

Ambassadors from the Stockholm School of Economics

"We can benefit from our university's participation in CIVICA through implementing various projects that allow us to meet and work alongside students from other universities in order to achieve a common goal. I am of the opinion that such initiatives and projects can further the process of European integration." —Mara Balasa

"By taking part in CIVICA you will be presented with an infinite number of opportunities: meet new and interesting people from all over Europe, visit and perhaps live in other countries, and be part of a cultural as well as academic exchange. For example, as a business student, I have learned a lot from working with students studying humanities and public policy." —Linnea Svanberg

Mara Balasa

Mara Balasa Master's student
Stockholm School of Economics

Linnea Svanberg

Linnea Svanberg Master's student
Stockholm School of Economics

Ambassadors from The London School of Economics and Political Science

"I believe both students and teachers at the LSE can gain a lot from engaging in the CIVICA alliance. Meeting students from other universities around Europe and participating in projects with them is an endless source of intellectual creativity." —Romane Branthomme

"I truly believe that CIVICA will open up great opportunities for you to interact and exchange ideas with students and teachers who share your intellectual interests. I think you should be courageous and seize the opportunities for dialogue created by CIVICA. From my experience as a PhD student, you probably will never feel 100% ready to present your ideas to others, but the feedback from those that can make you see the world from different angles is incredibly helpful." —Fiona Gogescu

"CIVICA to me means the opportunity to exchange with fellow students while moving intra-European cooperation forward. However, in my eyes, CIVICA is - in its current state - still an experiment. It is therefore up to as all, especially the CIVICA ambassadors, to transform it into a lasting success!" —Jonathan Ziener

Romane Branthomme

Romane Branthomme Undergraduate student

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