Vision & mission


Download CIVICA's mission statement here

CIVICA embodies our ambition, as forward-thinking higher education institutions, to assume our civic responsibility as Europeans towards both future European generations and the role of Europe in the world.

We aim to:

  • Actively assume political responsibility as Europeans towards future generations
  • Raise the voice of the social sciences in the competitive world of higher education
  • Take part in the grand collective plan to transform the world of research and higher education 


The CIVICA alliance aims to serve European societies. As such, we will: 

  • Address current and emerging challenges, using existing and new means for and approaches to education, research and outreach in the social sciences and related areas
  • Give the next generations of Europeans the knowledge and tools to understand and influence an increasingly complex world
  • Create a European critical mass to advise policymakers on the challenges faced by societies
  • Build upon decades of successful partnerships to deliver long-term joint strategic goals and immediate concrete action

2022 is envisaged as the first horizon for the CIVICA project; 2025 as a second horizon; and beyond 2025 as a third horizon and long-term strategy.

Our aims

Physically and digitally connected European campus

Multi-campus, interdisciplinary bachelor’s track

Joint, blended master’s courses

Common integrated space for European Early Stage Researchers (PhD)

Knowledge-creating teams whose research tackles societal challenges 

Civic outreach activities aimed at high schools or minority groups

International attractiveness 

Dissemination of best practices as pilot enterprise for European higher education institutions

Development of flexible, sustainable and accountable governance structures