Vision & mission


CIVICA embodies our ambition, as forward-thinking higher education institutions, to assume our civic responsibility as Europeans towards both future European generations and the role of Europe in the world.

We recognise the vitality of the European social sciences in educating the future generations as well as in generating solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.

Uniting a variety of approaches and thriving on synergies, our European University of Social Sciences pioneers a new type of higher education and research that will ultimately become a pillar of strength for Europe's future. 


The CIVICA alliance aims to serve European societies and educate the next generations of Europeans. Building upon decades of successful partnerships, we are developing an innovative, resilient and future-oriented European University that actively contributes to the transformation of European higher education and research. 

Key objectives:

  • Address current and emerging challenges, using existing and new means for and approaches to education, research and outreach in the social sciences and related areas
  • Give the next generations of Europeans the knowledge and tools to understand and influence an increasingly complex world
  • Create a European critical mass to advise policymakers on the challenges faced by societies

Pillars of CIVICA

Our model for the university of the future relies on a series of integrated activities at all levels in three key action areas.

Education: European inter-university campus

  • Physical and digital network for students, (early stage) researchers, faculty and staff
  • Pan-European community
  • Exchange opportunities at all levels
  • Joint programmes and courses
  • Innovative teaching and learning

Research & innovation: European research environment

Civic engagement: An engaged university

  • European civic ethos
  • Civic engagement activities, including actions for minorities
  • Access to higher education
  • Dissemination of research to the wider public
  • Cooperation with businesses and policymakers