Europe Revisited

Europe Revisited

In these complex and uncertain times, the European Union is facing various tensions. Phenomena such as migratory flows, (dis)integration processes, the green transition, or globalisation lead to multiple societal, political, structural and economic challenges. Understanding and addressing these challenges requires not only transdisciplinary approaches, but also reflections on the methodology itself.

Under this focus area, CIVICA scholars of various backgrounds address key issues about the EU from the perspective of social sciences. By examining cross-disciplinary topics such as migration or the environment, the area engages thematically with other CIVICA focus areas, in particular Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century, and Societies in Transition, Crises of Earth.

Key topics

  • Multilevel governance of migration
  • Constitutional resilience in the EU
  • EU and the world
  • Green values and green economy in the EU
  • Interdisciplinary approaches in EU-focused social science and humanities research

Meet the thematic group

  • Mark Dawson (theme leader)
  • Grace Ballor
  • Oana-Andreea Ion
  • Loïc Azoulai
  • Laurence Romani
  • Floris de Witte

Mark Dawson is Professor of European Law and Governance at the Hertie School.

Grace Ballor is Assistant Professor of International & Economic History at Bocconi University. 

Oana-Andreea Ion is lecturer at the Department of International Relations and European Integration, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration.

Loïc Azoulai is a Professor of European Law at Sciences Po Law School.

Laurence Romani is Professor at the Department of Management and Organisation at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Floris de Witte is Associate Professor at LSE Law School.

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