Data-Driven Technologies for the Social Sciences

Data-Driven Technologies for the Social Sciences

Our lives are increasingly influenced by digital tools. New technologies have significantly altered how we live, work and interact. At the same time, the enormous production of data provides unprecedented opportunities to both improve and threaten society.

Recognising that data science is fundamental to the social sciences of the future, this thematic priority aims to apply quantitative disciplines to a range of social challenges. CIVICA researchers work interdisciplinarily to study the impact of artificial intelligence and examine societal trends with the help of data analysis.

Key topics

  • Artificial intelligence and society
  • Societal changes brought about by digital technologies
  • Using new technologies for social good
  • Innovative digital methods for social science research
Posters of the Data Science Seminars

Seminar Series on Data Science

This bottom-up multidisciplinary initiative focuses on applications and methodologies of data science for the social, political, and economic world. In regular seminars open to anyone interested, data scientists from CIVICA and beyond explore topics in the current public debate.

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Meet the thematic group

Marek Antosiewicz
  • SGH Warsaw School of Economics
Jean Philippe Cointet
Jean-Philippe Cointet
  • Sciences Po
Bogdan Florian
Bogdan Florian
Miriam Golden
  • European University Institute
Petra Novak, CEU
Petra Kralj Novak
  • Theme leader
  • CEU
Alessia Melegaro
Alessia Melegaro
  • Bocconi University
Luz Rello Sánchez
  • IE University
Susan Scott
Susan Scott
  • LSE
Kai Wegrich
  • Hertie School
Erik Wetter
  • Stockholm School of Economics