Societies in Transition, Crises of Earth

Societies in Transition, Crises of Earth

European societies are confronted by multiple crises. The manifestations of crises such as social inequalities, climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, geo-political fragmentation or the continuing loss of nature may vary, but they are connected at the root: unsustainable development patterns.

This focus area brings together expertise from across CIVICA to examine interlocking crises of the Earth through the lens of societal transitions, recognising the need for integrated solutions based on integrated diagnoses.

Key topics

  • Societal dimensions of the Earth system and sustainability
  • Global Sustainable Development Goals
  • Knowledge and assessment systems regarding the environment and development
  • Urban transformations

Meet the thematic group

  • Carola Klöck (theme leader)
  • Jelena Angelis
  • Valentina Bosetti
  • Elisa Omodei
  • Andrew Geddes
  • Christian Flachsland
  • Aurelian Muntean
  • Paweł Strzelecki
  • Riccardo Crescenzi

Carola Klöck is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Sciences Po’s Centre for International Research (CERI).

Jelena Angelis is Research Grants and Partnerships Expert at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Valentina Bosetti is Full Professor in the Department of Economics at Bocconi University, teaching environmental and climate change economics.

Elisa Omodei is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Network and Data Science at the Central European University.

Andrew Geddes is Professor of Migration Studies and the Director of the Migration Policy Centre at the European University Institute.

Christian Flachsland is Professor of Sustainability at the Hertie School and Director of the School's Centre for Sustainability. 

Aurelian Muntean is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Political Science at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration. 

Paweł Strzelecki is a Professor at the College of Economic Analysis at SGH Warsaw School of Economics. 

Riccardo Crescenzi is Professor of Economic Geography at The London School of Economics.

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