Democracy in the 21st Century

Democracy in the 21st Century

Democracy worldwide is in a volatile situation: the quality of democracy is declining, societies are confronted with a surge in polarisation and populism, and the increase of inequality poses a major threat to the foundation of democracies. At the same time, the potential for democratic reform is higher than ever, opening up new possibilities for democratisation and democratic deepening.

This thematic priority gathers teams from across CIVICA to address the challenges and promises of democracies today from multiple disciplinary perspectives. 

Key topics

  • Democratic backsliding
  • Reform of democracy; democratic innovation
  • Polarisation
  • Social embeddedness of democracy (inequality)

Seminar series

In regular seminars open to anyone interested, experts from CIVICA and beyond explore topics in the current public debate.

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Meet the thematic group

Catherine de Vries
Catherine De Vries
  • Bocconi University
Elias Dinas
  • EUI
Alina Dragolea
Alina Dragolea
Zsolt Enyedi
Zsolt Enyedi
  • Theme leader
  • CEU
Mark Kayser
Mark Kayser
  • Hertie School
Romain Lachat
Romain Lachat
  • Sciences Po
Irene Menéndez González
  • IE University
Andreas von Goldbeck
  • Stockholm School of Economics