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CIVICA brings together 50,000 students and 10,000 faculty from eight world-renowned higher education institutions across Europe. 

By strengthening inter-university and cross-national mobility, we are working towards a physically and digitally connected campus. This will allow students to engage in transnational academic experiences, well beyond any one institutional or national context.

At master's level, CIVICA members are building on existing, successful dual degree programmes to design the future of master's education in the social sciences. 

An increasing number of students from the alliance will be able to benefit from innovative formats such as joint master's courses, the Europeanship multi-campus course, and a European Policy Lab.


Students at Bocconi University engaged in academic work

The future of Europe - Europeanship multicampus course

Launching in fall 2021, this CIVICA flagship initiative spurs master's students to work in transnational teams on a EU policy challenge.


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Students at Sciences Po and at the Hertie School engage in online activities

Joint master's courses

In CIVICA's jointly taught courses at master's level, students can benefit from the perspective of faculty and peers at two different member universities.


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Students work in a seminar

Dual degree master's programmes

Dual degree master's programmes are already offered between many CIVICA partners.


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Students at Bocconi University engaged in academic work

The Future of Europe at the heart of a multicampus experience

CIVICA master’s students can register for the new Europeanship multicampus course to focus on the Future of Europe together with peers from across the alliance.

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Students at Sciences Po and at the Hertie School engage in online activities
Sciences Po / Hertie School

In first jointly taught CIVICA master’s course, students explore “Democracy in Crisis”

Around 25 students from the Hertie School and 45 from Sciences Po signed up for the first joint master's course of CIVICA, co-taught by Florence Faucher of Sciences Po and Christian Freudlsperger of the Hertie School. For the fall 2020 sessions, the professors homed in on two topics of public interest around the globe – democracy and crisis.

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Carlo Altomonte, Bocconi University
Bocconi University

A truly European journey for CIVICA master’s students

Carlo Altomonte, Professor of Economics of European Integration at Bocconi University, talks us through the design, aims and significance of the ‘Europeanship’ multi-campus course, which will kick off in the academic year 2021/22.

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Stefan Pfalzer, photo by Victoria Lin
Sciences Po

Student mobility, or acquiring cultural fluency: Interview with Stefan Pfalzer, CIVICA Ambassador

Stefan Pfalzer, CIVICA Ambassador and master’s student in the dual degree programme between Sciences Po and The London School of Economics, explains what mobility means to him and shares his experience of studying at two different institutions.

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Student meeting

Student initiatives

A podcast series? An essay competition? A collaborative report? The CIVICA alliance is open to student initiatives. Find out more and get to know your local CIVICA Ambassadors.

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CIVICA joint statement on the COVID-19 crisis

CIVICA alliance’s COVID-19 knowledge hub

Research outputs, expert insights, media features and examples of community involvement from the CIVICA alliance.

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