The future of Europe - Europeanship multicampus course

The future of Europe - Europeanship multicampus course

Cross-border, interdisciplinary experience at the heart of EU policy challenges

A flagship initiative of CIVICA, the first edition of the Europeanship multi-campus course takes place in fall 2021 and explores “The Future of Europe.”

Designed and taught jointly by a team of professors from the various CIVICA universities, the course critically examines European policy challenges.

Nearly 200 master’s students from across the alliance will benefit from the course’s innovative format: a series of live online lectures grouped in four modules (plus introductory and concluding modules) and integrated with local activities. Additionally, the students will work in transnational teams to complete a capstone assignment: develop policy solutions to EU-relevant policy problems.  

The four thematic modules are:

  1. Globalisation and economic shocks
  2. Environment, sustainability, the EU Green Deal
  3. Digitalisation and innovation in the new Europe
  4. Democracy, governance and populism in the EU 

Please refer to your home university for more information on deadlines and application rules.

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