The future of Europe - Europeanship multicampus course

The future of Europe - Europeanship multicampus course

Cross-border, interdisciplinary experience at the heart of EU policy challenges

A flagship initiative of CIVICA, the first edition of the Europeanship multi-campus course took place in fall 2021 and explored “The Future of Europe.”

Designed and taught jointly by a team of professors from the various CIVICA universities, the course critically examined European policy challenges.

Nearly 200 master’s students from across the alliance benefitted from the course’s innovative format: a series of live online lectures grouped in four modules (plus introductory and concluding modules) and integrated with local activities. Additionally, the students worked in transnational teams to complete a capstone assignment: develop policy solutions to EU-relevant policy problems.  

Thematic modules:

  • Module 0: Introduction - The EU in times of crisis
    Session 1: The EU in times of crisis | Instructor: Pierre Moscovici (Sciences Po)
    Session 2: Europe’s reaction facing the COVID-19 crisis | Instructor: Pierre Moscovici (Sciences Po)
  • Module 1: Globalisation and Economic shocks
    Session 3
    Part 1: History of Globalization: Goods, Services and Capital mobility | Instructor: Mark Hallerberg (Hertie School)
    Part 2: The China shock and Globalization’s winners and losers | Instructor: Alvaro Mendez (LSE)
    Session 4
    Part 1: Labor mobility and Migration | Instructor: Lucinda Platt (LSE)
    Part 2: The Globalization of Health | Instructor: Pepita Barlow (LSE)
  • Module 2: Environment, Sustainability & the EU Green Deal
    Session 5
    Part 1: The challenge of sustainability | Instructor: Stefano Pogutz (Bocconi)
    Part 2: Climate change: the science, impact, and global governance | Instructor: Julius Andersson (SSE)
    Part 3: The EU approach to climate policy | Instructor: Christian Flachsland (Hertie School)
    Session 6
    Part 1: Carbon taxation in Europe | Instructor: Julius Andersson (SSE)
    Part 2: Circular economy and resource efficiency | Instructor: Stefano Pogutz (Bocconi)
    Part 3: Outlook: Designing and implementing the EU Green Deal | Instructors: Christian Flachsland (Hertie School) and Stefano Pogutz (Bocconi)
  • Module 3: Digitalisation and Innovation in the new Europe
    Session 7
    Part 1: Introduction | Instructors: Xymena Kurowska (CEU), Jean-Christophe Plantin (LSE) & Erik Wetter (SSE)
    Part 2: The politics of platforms as infrastructure | Instructor: Jean-Christophe Plantin (LSE)
    Session 8
    Part 1: The business of data | Instructor: Erik Wetter (SSE)
    Part 2: Global governance of the Internet | Instructor: Xymena Kurowska (CEU)
  • Module 4: Democracy, Governance, and Populism in the EU
    Session 9
    Instructor: Mark Kayser (Hertie School)
    Part 1: Voters and the changing party landscape in Europe
    Part 2: Media, Social Media and voting
    Part 3: Economic underpinnings of democracy and politics
    Session 10
    Instructor: Mark Kayser (Hertie School)
    Part 1: Nationalism and populism in Europe
    Part 2: Redistributive politics in countries and in the EU
    Part 3: Public opinion and support for democracy
  • Module 5: Conclusion (interactive debate)
    Session 11: Globalisation and Democracy | Instructors: Pierre Moscovici (Sciences Po) and Carlo Altomonte (Bocconi)
    Session 12: Environment and Digitalisation | Instructors: Carlo Altomonte (Bocconi) and Pierre Moscovici (Sciences Po)

More information on the course structure and content is available on

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