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CIVICA brings together eight world-renowned higher education institutions across Europe. All of us strive to make the social sciences accessible and to address ongoing political debates. We engage the interested public through events and other formats.

If you are interested in our topics – from challenges to democracy to climate change and to Europe revisited – you will find all information and ways you can participate on this page.

Resources on the COVID-19 crisis

CIVICA alliance’s COVID-19 knowledge hub

The research outputs, expert insights, media features and examples of community involvement collected on this page promote a deeper understanding of the impacts of the pandemic and encourage an open dialogue at all levels of society.

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COVID-19-related events

COVID-19-related events

From online lectures, seminars, conferences and round tables to workshops and other types of events, the CIVICA alliance is bringing together experts, policymakers and representatives of the public and private sectors to provide citizens with a multifaceted perspective on the current crisis and its impact.

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