CEU Hosts Cas Mudde Discussing the Far Right Today, a CIVICA Democracy in the 21st Century Seminar


On June 12, Central European University (CEU) hosted "The Far Right Today: Austria in Comparative Perspective" featuring Cas Mudde, Professor at the University of Georgia and in the centre for research on extremism at the University of Oslo, with moderation by Carsten Q. Schneider, CEU Professor and pro-rector for external relations.

As part of the CIVICA Democracy in the 21st Century Seminar Series, the event illuminated a topic vital to the work of CIVICA's related theme group, which includes researchers and faculty from across the alliance, including CEU, focused on democratic backsliding, the reform of democracy, polarization and inequality.

In his talk, Mudde outlined the key arguments of his book “The Far Right Today” (Polity, 2019) and discussed the case of Austria as an early example of the mainstreaming of the far right and the consequences for liberal democracy. (Mudde was previously on faculty at CEU and his column in the Guardian regularly deals with U.S. and European politics).

As part of his talk, Mudde highlighted how few countries have a far-right party as prominent and longstanding as in Austria. He noted that today, the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO) is no longer among the most prominent, and its leader, Jorg Haider, is largely unknown abroad, however, that is not due to its lack of success but rather because of the even greater success of far-right parties in other countries. 

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Written by Julie Potter (CEU editorial team). 

Photo credits: Svetlana Gradwohl (CEU).

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