CIVICA for society: Access to higher education

CIVICA for society: Access to higher education

Activities for high schools

Part of our alliance's civic engagement mission, students, faculty and staff across CIVICA are collaborating with local high schools, offering activities focused on first generation students and other high school students (e.g. from disadvantaged backgrounds) to promote access to higher education. 

The aim is to give high school students a taste of the university experience and promote social diversity, so that they can gain a better understanding of what higher education has to offer.

Starting in the academic year 20/21, CIVICA is running events connecting alliance students and high school students on local campuses. The lively exchanges are focused on promoting access to higher education and, in particular, combating self-discrimination. 


  • February 2021: Sciences Po ran a week-long programme of higher education preparation with high school students receiving needs-based scholarships at partner schools, with the participation of CIVICA students.
  • Fall 2021 and spring 2022: Central European University is organising high school activities on both its Vienna and Budapest campuses, encouraging high school students from underprivileged backgrounds to think about the importance of higher education.

Peer to Peer (P2P) Project

Initiated and coordinated by PhD student in the CEU Medieval Studies department and CIVICA WP7 coordinator, Anastasia Theologou, the project helps students from underprivileged backgrounds make the most of available higher ed opportunities while gaining confidence in their own abilities and skills.

The aims of the project are:

  • encourage and motivate students from disadvantaged areas to apply to higher education institutions, especially CIVICA universities
  • engage students from CIVICA with societal stakeholders
  • promote a sense of solidarity and empathy among university students and their younger peers from disadvantaged areas
  • emphasise the importance of multicultural environments and diverse social statuses in higher education
  • call attention to CIVICA and its social mission.

The project is based on video testimonies of CEU and CIVICA students who have had a successful path in higher education.

Watch video testimonies below:

Credit for banner photo: Janos Posztos, CEU

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