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CIVICA Research: A joint long-term research and innovation strategy

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"The CIVICA Research structure will create an academic network of excellence. Social sciences are imperative to tackling the world’s most pressing issues, and we aim for CIVICA to emerge as world champion of social sciences." (mission statement)

Building on the complementary expertise of CIVICA members, the main goal of CIVICA Research is to develop the instruments of ambitious research and innovation. Thanks to CIVICA Research, researchers within the alliance can participate in joint scientific activities developed around the four focus areas, and access a wide array of events, infrastructures, and tools.

CIVICA Research received €2m funding from the EU's research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, under the chapter “Science with and for Society.” Project activities will be rolled out in 2021–2023 and will enhance the education dimension of CIVICA - The European University of Social Sciences.

Focus areas

  • Societies in Transition, Crises of Earth
  • Democracy in the 21st Century
  • Europe Revisited
  • Data-Driven Technologies for the Social Sciences
  • Societal dimensions of the Earth System & sustainability
  • Global Sustainable Development Goals
  • Knowledge and assessment systems regarding the environment and development
  • Urban transformations

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  • Democratic backsliding
  • Reform of democracy; democratic innovation
  • Polarisation
  • Social embeddedness of democracy (inequality)

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  • Multilevel governance of migration
  • Constitutional resilience in the EU
  • EU and the world
  • Green values and green economy in the EU
  • Interdisciplinary approaches in EU-focused social science and humanities research

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  • Artificial intelligence and the society
  • Societal changes brought about by digital technologies
  • Using new technologies for the social good
  • Innovative digital methods for social science research

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CIVICA Research aims for an institutional transformation that is sustainable and fully integrated with the education and research strategies of the Erasmus+ CIVICA project.

It encompasses the following actions:

  1. define and implement a shared research agenda with socially relevant outcomes
  2. develop human capital and academic skills
  3. develop shared research and innovation ecosystems
  4. build an ambitious Open Science action plan
  5. explore joint research infrastructures, synergies and common actions both within and beyond CIVICA

CIVICA Research will promote gender balance and inclusiveness, which are key to a sustainable ecosystem for research, innovation and education.

“CIVICA Research creates instruments for an ambitious innovative research strategy.”
—Carsten Q. Schneider, Pro-Rector for External Relations and Professor of Political Science, Central European University, and Co-chair of the Permanent Design Team

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