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Preliminary results of the SILAW project presented at the International Conference on Peace and Conflict Management in Oxford

The team of the research project “When the Law is Silent: Hate Crime Prosecution and Implicit Bias in Law Enforcement Agencies (SILAW)” – one of the winners of the CIVICA’s first call for collaborative research proposals – presented the preliminary results of research in Oxford last October. There were highlighted opinions of speakers from Romania, Bulgaria and Germany. The presentation included a comparison of the legislative frameworks dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism in the three countries. 

The preliminary results of a collective paper were presented by Andreea Stancea, PhD candidate (SNSPA), co-author, on behalf of the two other co-authors – Prof. Andrei Muraru and Oana Mihalache, PhD candidate (SNSPA). 

Details: the paper was accepted at the 6th edition of the International Conference on Peace and Conflict Management, which took place on the 21st & 22nd of October in Oxford, UK. The International Conference on Peace and Conflict Management is organised under the conference series of Gari Oxford Multidisciplinary Symposium. The conference welcomed papers from a variety of topics like Art and Peace, Human Rights and Security, Military interventions and others, focusing on a multidisciplinary research agenda.

The presentation included the results of the original survey developed to collect data among Romanian prosecutors (who handled files related to anti-Semitic crimes), and the aim of the research is to investigate the prosecution of anti-Semitic hate crimes in Romania in order to identify different ways in which implicit bias among the police and the judiciary can reveal either undetected anti-Semitism or a spike in anti-Semitic violence. The main purpose was to test the hypothesis of a link between the implicit prejudices they would have and the application of the law in cases of anti-Semitism. 

The SILAW research project is coordinated by Prof. Andrei Muraru (SNSPA), together with three other team members: Prof. Nadège Ragaru (Research Professor, Sciences Po Paris), Prof. Constantin Iordachi (Professor of History at the Central European University, Vienna) and Oana Mihalache, PhD candidate (SNSPA). Andreea Stancea is part of the team as a research coordinator of the team in Bucharest who conducted the empirical phase of the research. 

The collaborative research projects are funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under the CIVICA Research project. 

Interested to know more about the project? please send an e-mail to silaw(at)  

Written by Cătălin Mosoia (SNSPA Editorial Team).