The CIVICA Engage Track

The CIVICA Engage Track

The CIVICA Engage Track is a European multi-campus, interdisciplinary bachelor experience with a focus on civic engagement.

By combining academic study and social commitment, the selected students can explore and respond to value-laden topics like responsibility and sustainability. They do this work in specific CIVICA Engage courses, through hands-on interaction with community-based organisations, and by sharing experience and reflections with CIVICA Engage students and other audiences.

Formats for this sharing include immersion programmes called CIVICA European Weeks and student-led Showcases.

The CIVICA Engage Track is offered by CIVICA partners:

  • Bocconi University, Italy 
  • Sciences Po, France
  • Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom

Unique opportunities

  • For students with a strong civic engagement: an unparalleled way for students to highlight their commitment to civic issues and do good together with a diverse set of ambitious students from all over Europe
  • Provides access to some of the best teaching institutions in Europe
  • Field work, coaching, guest lectures, group work, experience sharing and creative events with students from all over Europe

Elements of the CIVICA Engage Track

European Weeks

  • One-week programme
  • Attendance Certificate

A European Week takes place once per academic year at one of the participating universities. This multifaceted program includes not only academic content, but also active engagement with local organizations and issues, and of course interaction and collaboration with other CIVICA Engage students.

Available to students admitted to the Track in spring 2021:

  • When: Second week of June 2021
  • Where: Stockholm School of Economics, delivered in hybrid format
  • Lead: Stockholm School of Economics
  • Support: Other partner institutions in the CIVICA alliance

More information about the European Week 2021>>

Engage courses

  • One course at home university (compulsory)

  • One course at partner university (optional)

  • Course credits determined by home university

The Engage courses are electives offered at each partner university (Bocconi, LSE, Sciences Po and SSE), which allows for a distinct experience and each institution. It is compulsory for participants to complete an Engage course at their home university, but it is optional to complete an additional Engage course at a partner university.

List of Engage courses>>

Available to students admitted to the Track in spring 2021:

  • When: Academic year 2021/22
  • Where: Each partner university will offer at least one Engage course per semester

Reflective component

The CIVICA Engage Showcase Assignment completes the CIVICA Engage Track for each participating student.

The assignment:

  • Challenges students to undertake an analytical reflection of their learning experiences on the CIVICA Engage Track, through articulating their own experiences, learning points, strengths and areas for development.
  • Showcases the experiences and learning of the student, on the CIVICA Engage Track, to external audiences and stakeholders through their selected media. This should include explicit reference to a European theme or challenge.

Application and admission

Please contact your home university for exact dates and admission procedures. 

Participation in the CIVICA Engage Track means that the student: 

  • Completes one Engage course at the home university 
  • Either completes one Engage course at a CIVICA university or participates in one European Week (held this year at SSE on 8-11 June 2021) 
  • Provides a reflective component, where both credit-bearing and non-credit bearing engagement activities of the track will be featured and reflected on. The reflective assignment will be graded with a pass/fail only.
  • Receives a certificate upon successful completion of the Track

Contact information

For general inquiries about the CIVICA Engage Track, please contact Malin Ekberg at civica[at]

Photo header: Priscila Elias, SSE

“If you have a deep interest in contributing to societal improvements, this track is definitely something for you. You can improve your ability to identify solutions to challenges faced by communities, while exchanging insights and getting inspiration from students from all the partner universities.” --Linnea Svanberg, Bachelor Student Ambassador for CIVICA at SSE

“I will always be grateful to my university for the opportunity to exchange opinions and views with students from all around the world. If you are passionate about Europe and civic engagement, you won’t regret such an opportunity.” --Guglielmo Gomez Serito, bachelor student at Bocconi University

“This is a great opportunity to meet students across Europe and mutually foster civic engagement. This exciting interdisciplinary program will offer field work, exchanges and new experiences across the CIVICA alliance, broadening our world view.” --Reem Al-Ameri, Bachelor Student Ambassador for CIVICA at Sciences Po

“When universities work closely with community members to produce relevant research, community organisations benefit from knowledge which enhances their invaluable services to the community. CIVICA’s transnational scope should make such efforts an even more powerful force for good.” --Rhydian Cleaver, bachelor student at LSE