Third call for faculty short visits

Third call for faculty short visits

Faculty and postdoctoral researchers in CIVICA universities are invited to submit proposals for a short 2-5 day visit at another CIVICA university.

The call aims to foster collaborative activities, to further existing links or to establish new ones. Activities may include, but are not limited to, giving a CIVICA-branded talk, participating in a CIVICA-branded conference, organising/participating in workshops or seminars for PhD researchers, networking with faculty, discussing potential research projects. The visit should ideally be a combination of a minimum of two activities (e.g. a talk and a workshop). Successful applications will receive funding to cover travel and accommodation. Costs are covered by the home institution.

The application deadline is 31 January 2024, 23:59pm (CET).

The CIVICA Faculty Short Visits Scheme is a series of regular calls that can also be used in combination with the CIVICA Thematic Seminar Series, and/or the Call for Thematic Activities.

Applicants are to arrange their own visit, including finding and reaching out to hosts.

The visits will take place between 1 March and 30 June 2024, after having been approved by the PDT. 

Who can apply?

Faculty and postdoctoral researchers who have a contract with one of the CIVICA universities at the time of both the application and the planned activities. 

What should the application contain?

  • Application Form
  • CV
  • An email from host institution, confirming the visit and activities

The application form and attached files must be submitted electronically to research(at) with the subject line “Application for CIVICA Faculty Short Visits” by January 31. 

Applications have now closed.

How will the proposals be evaluated?

Submitted applications will be evaluated by the ‘Permanent Design Team’ (PDT) of CIVICA. The PDT consists of vice-presidents for research and/or senior faculty of the ten CIVICA partner universities. Selected applications will be financed by the sending/home university in accordance with the home university’s financial rules and allocated CIVICA budget. 

The academic relevance of the proposed activities should be convincingly laid out, and the requested budget (number of nights) should be commensurate with the duration and/or number of activities proposed. Sending/home institutions may request a modification of your budget prior to approval.

What is financed?

Travel and accommodation costs directly related to the visit are eligible. Per diem may be paid at the discretion of the sending institution. 

This call is financed from CIVICA Erasmus+, with the only exception of LSE which is self-funded. Each CIVICA partner university has a different budget for this call. To find out more on available funding, please contact your local grant coordinating unit before applying. The list of contact persons at each CIVICA partner is reported at the end of this page.  


Contact persons at partner institutions

Application process and deadline

Applications have now closed

Calls for CIVICA Faculty Short Visits will take place regularly. Ten calls are planned, fourth is scheduled for February 2024 and the fifth call for October 2024. 

Faculty short visit scheme

The CIVICA Faculty Short Visits Scheme is a series of regular calls that can be used in combination with the CIVICA Thematic Seminar Series, CIVICA Student-Faculty Research Groups, and other CIVICA thematic activities.

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