CIVICA Engage Courses

CIVICA Engage Courses

Please note that this course list is tentative and might be subject to change.

UniversityTerm Course name
Bocconi UniversitySpring '2130056 - European Economic Policy
Bocconi UniversityFall '2130152 - Public Management
Bocconi UniversityFall '2130193 - Management of International and Supranational Organizations
Bocconi UniversityFall '2130187 - Alternative Investments
Bocconi UniversityFall '2130387 - Climate Change Economics
Bocconi UniversitySpring '2230056 - European Economic Policy
Bocconi UniversitySpring '2230445 - Sharing Economy and Smart Cities Management
Bocconi UniversitySpring '2230495 - Innovation and Big Data for the Public Sector
Bocconi UniversitySpring '2230439 - Green Marketing
Bocconi UniversitySpring '2230444 - Public Management (Business Government Relations)
Bocconi UniversitySpring '2230378 - The Transformation of Cultural Sector and Art Market: Critical Issues and Cases
Bocconi UniversitySpring '2230571 - Fashion Collections and Sustainability
Sciences PoFall '21 or Spring '22Civic independent project (Field experience)
Stockholm School of EconomicsSpring '21742 - Decision Theory: Understanding and Making Decisions
Stockholm School of EconomicsFall '21184 - Social Engagement through Creative Writing
Stockholm School of EconomicsFall '22Decision Making: Individuals, Organizations and Public Policy
Stockholm School of EconomicsFall '22Sustainable and Responsible Business
Stockholm School of EconomicsSpring '22Social Innovation for Global Challenges
Stockholm School of EconomicsSpring '22Degree Project: Bachelor Thesis in Management (only SSE students)
Stockholm School of EconomicsFall '22Human Resource Management for Diversity
Stockholm School of EconomicsFall '22184 - Social Engagement through Creative Writing
LSEFall & Spring or Spring '22GV262 - Contemporary Political Theory
LSEFall & SpringGV312 - Advanced Topics in Government: Executive Politics
LSEFall & SpringGV314 - Empirical Research in Government
LSEFall & SpringGV311 - British Government
LSEFallGY307 - Regional Economic Development
LSEFall '21 - '22 (Fall '22-'23 TBC)GY206 - Urban Geography and Globalisation
LSEFallGY209 - The Economic Geography of Trade, Production and Development
LSEFallGY 307 - Regional Economic Development
LSEFall '21 - '22 (Fall '22-'23 TBC)GY310 - Urban Politics
LSEFallGY311 - The Political Economy of Urbanisation
LSEFall '22-'23GY315 - Geographies of Race
LSEFallPH227 - Genes, Brains and Society
LSEFall '21 - '22 (Fall '22-'23 TBCSO313 - Material Culture and Everyday Life
LSEFall '21 - '22 (Fall '22-'23 TBCSP335 - Migration: Current Research, Critical Approaches

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