CIVICA Engage Courses

CIVICA Engage Courses

Please note that this course list is tentative and might be subject to change.

List of available courses

  • Fall 2022
  • Spring 2023
UniversityTermCourse nameCreditsNotes
Bocconi UniversityFall30152 - Public Management6 
Bocconi UniversityFall30193 - Management of International and Supranational Organizations6 
Bocconi UniversityFall30187 - Alternative Investments6 
Bocconi UniversityFall30387 - Climate Change Economics6 
Bocconi UniversityFall30458 - Strategic Decision Making and Markets8 
Sciences PoFall or SpringCivic independent project5All campuses; field experience
Sciences PoFall19256 - British Visions of Herself & UE3Dijon Campus
Sciences PoFall18906 - Penser comprendre le projet UE3Dijon Campus; French
Sciences PoFall13519 - Les pères spirituels de l'UE3Dijon Campus; French
Sciences PoFall13617 - Les pères fondateurs de l'UE3Dijon Campus; French
Sciences PoFall13515 - L'Europe des artistes3Dijon Campus; French
Sciences PoFall14359 - EU & precautionary principle5Nancy Campus
Sciences PoFall16623 - Business, Human Rights in Europe5Nancy Campus
Sciences PoFall15511 - Brexit: a British Europ Story5Nancy Campus
Sciences PoFall13188 - H6 Violence et paix en Europe3Nancy Campus; French
Sciences PoFall18035 - H7 Violence et paix en Europe3Nancy Campus; French
Sciences PoFall17133 - European Jihadism : a political sociology, from the Afghan war to ISIS and beyond (1980-2020)5Paris Campus
Sciences PoFall18517 - Europe foreign and security policies5Paris Campus
Sciences PoFall14194 - European Economic Law5Paris Campus
Sciences PoFall18613 - Refugee protection5Paris Campus
Sciences PoFall14280 - Social Policies in Europe5Paris Campus
Sciences PoFall14365 - European integration and its challenges: the euro, migration and populism5Paris Campus
Sciences PoFall14560 - Intro aux controverses urbaine5Paris Campus; French
Sciences PoFall17021 - Le juge et la crise écologique5Paris Campus; French
Sciences PoFall14364 - La politique euro Fr-Allemagne5Paris Campus; French
Sciences PoFall14380 - Inclusion financière5Paris Campus; French
Sciences PoFall16732 - Economie sociale et solidaire5Paris Campus; French
Sciences PoFall16938 - Eco face urgence environnement5Poitiers Campus; French
Sciences PoFall18693 - Europe in Turmoil5Reims Campus
Sciences PoFall14113 - Gender: Key Quest. of our Time5Reims Campus
Sciences PoFall18682 - Fake News and Misinformation in Digital Societies3Reims Campus
Sciences PoFall18616 - Energy Politics and Diplomacy in the Global South5Reims Campus
Sciences PoFall18719 - Global Energy Fundamentals3Reims Campus
Sciences PoFall15774 - Covid crise et UE5Reims Campus; French
SSEFall119 Reading the Economic Humanities7.5 
SSEFallBE 151 Degree Project in Management15 
SSEFallBE 251 Degree Project in Marketing15 
SSEFallBE 351 Degree Project in Accounting & Financial Mgmt15 
SSEFallBE 451 Degree Project in Finance15 
SSEFallBE 551 Degree Project in Economics15 
SSEFallBE 913 Economic Policy Analysis in Sweden (course in Swedish)7.5 
SSEFallBE 915 First-time: Manager: Leading yourself and Others7.5 
SSEFallBE 917 Decision Making for Individuals and Organizations7.5 
SSEFallBE 918 Sustainable and responsible business7.5 
SSEFallBE916 Beyond HRM for Diversity: Challenges and Change7.5 
SSEFallBE924 Business Philosophy 7.5 
LSEFallAN237 The Anthropology of DevelopmentN/A 
LSEFallAN245 Borders and BoundariesN/A 
LSEFallGV307 Conflict and Cooperation: A few provocative debates7.5 
LSEFallGY206 Urban Geography and Globalisation7.5 
LSEFallGY209 The Economic Geography of Trade, Production and Development7.5 
LSEFallGY310 Urban Politics7.5 
LSEFallGY315 Geographies of Race7.5 
LSEFallPH227 Genes, Brains and Society7.5 
LSEFallSO313 Material Culture and Everyday Life7.5 
LSEFallSP335 Migration: Current Research, Critical Approaches7.5 
LSEFall or SpringGV262 Contemporary Political Theory7.5 
LSEFall or SpringGV311 British Government15 
LSEFull-year courseLL232 Laws and Institutions of the European Union  15 
LSEFull-year courseLL205 Medical Law15 
LSEFull-year courseLL203 Law of Businesses Associations, Company Law15 
LSE FallGY 307 Regional Economic Development7.5 
UniversityTermCourse nameCreditsNotes
Bocconi UniversitySpring30056 - European Economic Policy6 
Bocconi UniversitySpring30445 - Sharing Economy and Smart Cities Management6 
Bocconi UniversitySpring30495 - Innovation and Big Data for the Public Sector6 
Bocconi UniversitySpring30439 - Green Marketing6 
Bocconi UniversitySpring30444 - Public Management (Business Government Relations)6 
Bocconi UniversitySpring30606 - Big Data and Innovation in International Public Service6 
Bocconi UniversitySpring30378 - The Transformation of Cultural Sector and Art Market: Critical Issues and Cases6 
Bocconi UniversitySpring30571 - Fashion Collections and Sustainability6 
Bocconi UniversitySpring30564 - Economics and Politics of the European Union6 
Sciences PoFall or SpringCivic independent project5All campuses; field experience
Sciences PoSpring55615 - European Economics3Dijon Campus
Sciences PoSpring59459 - Economic transitions EU-China3Dijon Campus
Sciences PoSpring59666 - Populismes en Europe C&O3Dijon Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring56434 - Unité UE face à ses racines3Dijon Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring54495 - Perspective européenne Balkans3Dijon Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring54497 - Enjeux construction européenne3Dijon Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring55622 - Droit de l'UE3Dijon Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring55590 - Histoire et mémoire en Europe3Dijon Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring56313 - Histoire intellectuelle de UE3Dijon Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring57983 - Débat politique UE3Dijon Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring59351 - Model climate negotiations3Menton Campus
Sciences PoSpring59223 - Droit des réfugies en Méditerr3Menton Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring57664 - Formes de part. pol. en EU3Menton Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring59348 - Coopération des Villes en Med3Menton Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring59671 - Innovation and Entrepreneurship3Menton Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring53941 - Europe and Finance3Nancy Campus
Sciences PoSpring58477 - Tackling an Increasingly Uncertain World: European Perspectives on Strategy and Intelligence3Nancy Campus
Sciences PoSpring59118 - Economics of the Green and Digital Transitions3Nancy Campus
Sciences PoSpring58480 - Introduction to Urban Studies3Nancy Campus
Sciences PoSpring58479 - Who’s Afraid of Gender Theory?3Nancy Campus
Sciences PoSpring56208 - Fortress Europe and the Right to Have Rights: Refugee Protection in the 21st Century3Nancy Campus
Sciences PoSpring55375 - Politiques fiscales en Europe3Nancy Campus; French
Sciencess PoSpring17133 - European Jihadism : a political sociology, from the Afghan war to ISIS and beyond (1980-2020)5Paris Campus
Sciences Po Spring18517 - Europe foreign and security policies5Paris Campus
Sciences PoSpring14365 - European integration and its challenges: the euro, migration and populism5Paris Campus
Sciences PoSpring55005 - The Euro, migration and climate change: European challenges and opportunities5Paris Campus
Sciences PoSpring59261 - Europe foreign and security policies5Paris Campus
Sciences PoSpring59124 - EU Foreign Policy towards the People's Republic of China5Paris Campus
Sciences PoSpringEuropean Economic Integration5Paris Campus
Sciences PoSpringThe G3: Navigating US-EU-China Relations5Paris Campus
Sciences PoSpringEU as a Global Actor5Paris Campus
Sciences PoSpringThe European Union as an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice5Paris Campus
Sciences PoSpringComprendre l’espace politique européen5Paris Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring57952 - EU Competition Law5Paris Campus
Sciences PoSpring59080 - EU Law in times of crisis: Covid, Brexit and the Rule of Law5Paris Campus
Sciences PoSpring59359 - Global Environmental Governance5Paris Campus
Sciences PoSpring54893 - Hist & droit des états en Euro5Paris Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring55329 - Politique & techniques des ONG5Paris Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring55390 - L'union européenne face au défi des migrations et de l'asile5Paris Campus; French
Sciences PoSpringMigrations and their impact in the Global North5Paris Campus
Sciences PoSpringThe Anglo-Saxon Economic Model. An Interdisciplinary Evaluation5Paris Campus
Sciences PoSpringHistoire de l’intégration européenne (1945-2023)5Paris Campus; French
Sciences PoSpringLes Gauches européennes et l'économie XXème-XXIème siècles5Paris Campus; French
Sciences PoSpringLes Grands enjeux de la construction européenne5Paris Campus; French
Sciences PoSpringThe Decision-Making process in the European Union5Paris Campus
Sciences PoSpring54955 - L'unité européenne5Paris Campus; French
Sciences PoSpring57593 - Social Entrepreneurship5Reims Campus
Sciences PoSpring56284 - Climate Change Law Gr13Reims Campus
Sciences PoSpring55299 - US - EU Diplomatic Relations5Reims Campus
Sciences PoSpring57221 - Cultural Heritage Diplomacy5Reims Campus
Sciences PoSpring57471 - Intro to Glob. Envir. History3Reims Campus
Sciences PoSpring59114 - From Missionaries to NGOs: tracing the emergence of civil society3Reims Campus
Sciences PoSpring58974 - Climate Change and environmental movements: Ideas, activism and impact in Europe and the US3Reims Campus
Sciences PoSpring59301 - The EU & the National Political Systems3Reims Campus
Sciences PoSpring59538 - The Indus.Society, War & Peace3Reims Campus
Sciences PoSpring59113 - The EU in Action3Reims Campus
SSESpring184 - Creative Writing for Social Change7.5 
SSESpringBE906 Social Innovation for Global Challenges7.5 
SSESpringBE 151 Degree Project in Management15Only SSE students
SSESpringBE 251 Degree Project in Marketing15Only SSE students
SSESpringBE 351 Degree Project in Accounting & Financial Management15Only SSE students
SSESpringBE 451 Degree Project in Finance15Only SSE students
SSESpringBE 551 Degree Project in Economics15Only SSE students
SSESpring737 Macroeconomic Policy Analysis7.5 
SSESpringBE901 Hybrid Organizations - Value Creation and Strategy7.5 
LSEFall or SpringGV262 Contemporary Political Theory7.5 
LSEFall or SpringGV311 British Government15 
LSESpringAC342 Accounting, Corporate Responsibility and SustainabilityN/A 
LSESpringAN276 Anthropology and the AnthropoceneN/A 
LSESpringMG210 Corporate Social Responsibility and International Labour Standards7.5 
LSESpringMG209 E-business7.5 
LSETBCLL201 Administrative Law15 
LSETBCMG3XX Managing Organisational Change7.5 

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