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CIVICA's Early Stage Researcher Course Catalogue: Spotlight on the International Social and Public Policy seminar series at LSE


The CIVICA ESR catalogue offers PhD and early career researchers a unique chance to easily find and attend courses outside of their own specific programmes and at other member institutions.

What kind of courses are there and who is welcome to attend? Here we spotlight just one of the array of courses in the catalogue, the International Social and Public Policy seminar series at LSE.

What do I need to know about the course?

The weekly International Social and Public Policy seminar series is hosted by the Department of Social Policy at LSE. Topics that will be explored this term include poverty, racism, COVID-19 in North America and education policy in the UK. Speakers are sourced from specialists both within the department and externally, across the world. The upcoming sessions include Anne West, Professor or Education Policy at LSE, and two speakers from universities in the USA and Canada.

Can I attend the course?

The series is open for students and staff from across the CIVICA alliance to attend. The seminar series will particularly benefit PhD and early career researchers who are interested in or focused on approaching their studies, work or research from a social policy or a public policy angle. You might be interested in attending courses where the topics are within your regular field – or perhaps there’s something completely new that you’d like to try!

When is the course held?

Seminars will be held every Tuesday at 5pm GMT for the rest of this term. Participants sign up for each session individually, so there is no commitment to attend every week.

Coming up this term are:

  • 2 March – Poverty Among the Working Age Population in Post-Industrial Democracies
  • 9 March – Demographic Change and Perceptions of Racism
  • 16 March – Unidentical Twins? Comparing Social Policy Responses to COVID-19 in North America
  • 23 March – Education Policy in the UK since Beveridge: Continuity and Change

Keep an eye out for announcements about future seminars in this series! You can catch up on previous 2020/21 seminars on YouTube.

How can I register?

Visit the CIVICA ESR Course Catalogue to register to attend the International Social and Public Policy seminar series at LSE. You can register each week for the upcoming session. You can also browse further upcoming courses from across the CIVICA alliance.

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