The Russo-Ukrainian War and the future European Order

The Russo-Ukrainian War and the future European Order

1 December 2023, 5:30-7pm
Central European University (Vienna campus in QS Auditorium and online)

An event in the CIVICA Public Lecture Series Tours d'Europe

No end is in sight in Russia’s war against Ukraine, while the war is changing how Ukraine and Europe see their own security. Ukraine is hoping for the iron-clad security guarantees of full NATO membership, and Europe is confronted with its security dependence on the US, bringing strategic and military autonomy back on the agenda. But what kind of security architecture, short of full NATO membership, would make Ukraine feel secure after such a harrowing experience? Is it, at all, fair to contemplate a Plan B when Ukrainians are still fighting tooth and nail, and millions of displaced people are hoping to get their normal lives back?  

Meanwhile, Europe has weaned itself off Russian energy, as it had been viewing certain aspects of economic interdependence a security issue, already since the Covid epidemic. Are the war and responses to it bringing about “fortress Europe”, or to the contrary, is the war pushing the EU to develop its strategic autonomy and match its economic clout with political and military might, and a more robust international role? And is there still a choice for the EU, or does the weakening international order leave it with limited room for manoeuvre?  

The language of the event is English.

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    • Mary Kaldor, London School of Economics
    • Anton Shekhovtsov, Centre for Democratic Integrity, Vienna 
    • Viktoria Sereda, Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv and Virtual Ukraine Institute for Advanced Studies-Wissenschaftskolleg, Berlin


    • Thomas Fetzer, Head of the Department of International Relations, Central European University

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    This event is part of the CIVICA Public Lecture Series Tours d’Europe. CIVICA brings together ten leading European higher education institutions in the social sciences to mobilise and share knowledge as a public good and to facilitate civic responsibility in Europe and beyond. This event is co-funded by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) within the project of SGH Warsaw School of Economics “CIVICA for Ukraine”.