Vision & mission


CIVICA pioneers a new type of alliance to shape the University of the future in the social sciences in Europe.

CIVICA assumes civic responsibility for European generations and aims to strengthen the role of Europe in the world.

CIVICA offers a source of stability where values of autonomy and academic freedom are defended.


The CIVICA alliance aims to serve European societies and educate the next generations of Europeans. Building upon decades of successful partnerships, we are developing an innovative, resilient and future-oriented European University that actively contributes to the transformation of European higher education and research. 

By 2030, CIVICA aims to:

  • Deepen and expand activities in key areas such as education, research, scientific priorities, service to society, innovation, and lifelong learning;
  • Develop a diverse and inclusive CIVICA community;
  • Establish CIVICA’s leading role in the social sciences with further global outreach;
  • Set up a framework for sustainable institutional cooperation.

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Pillars of CIVICA

Our model for the university of the future relies on a series of integrated activities at all levels in three key action areas.

  • Education: European inter-university campus
  • Research & innovation: European research environment
  • Service to Society: An alliance with lasting impact
  • Physical and digital network for students, (early stage) researchers, faculty and staff
  • Pan-European community
  • Exchange opportunities at all levels
  • Joint programmes and courses
  • Innovative teaching and learning
  • European civic ethos
  • Civic engagement activities, including actions for minorities
  • Access to higher education
  • Dissemination of research to the wider public
  • Cooperation with businesses and policymakers