CIVICA Ambassadors

CIVICA Ambassadors range from undergraduate students to postdoctoral researchers, and represent each university in the alliance. Their role is to promote interaction and exchange within the alliance's communities, and be a first point of contact to CIVICA for their peers.

The Ambassadors network actively shapes CIVICA by initiating bottom-up projects and participating in formal and informal alliance activities.

Meet the CIVICA Ambassadors for the academic year 2023/24 below.

Ambassadors from Bocconi University

Pasquale Incarnato
  • Bocconi University
"Network and career opportunities, language proficiency and cultural enrichments are just some of the spin-offs of CIVICA. It grants the immense advantage of meeting and working with some of the brightest students and reseachers." - Pasquale Incarnato
Nóra Noémi Kovács
  • Bocconi University
"CIVICA takes a strong stance on cooperation instead of competition. It is remarkable in history that top institutions unite their forces to produce best quality research and proposals." - Nóra Noémi Kovács
Mojtaba Nouri
  • Bocconi University

Ambassadors from Central European University

Lena Ibishi
  • CEU
"As a CIVICA Ambassador, it is my duty to fortify the bridge of cooperation and multilateral research between students through communal engagements and various planned initiatives." - Lena Ibishi
Alexandra Ion
  • Central European University
"CIVICA embodies the transformative potential of education, that for me represents the most impactful and effective means of instigating positive change." - Alexandra Ion

Ambassadors from the European University Institute

Jakub Sawicki
  • EUI
"The role of CIVICA is much more than just a university alliance; it is a commitment to uphold the values, vision, and mission. The ethos of liberal education is as vital to me as supporting one's community." - Jakub Sawicki
Abbas Sibai
  • EUI
"As a CIVICA Ambassador, I'll work to enhance student and faculty mobility programs for a stronger European identity. My goal is to strengthen bonds between CIVICA partners, supporting the alliance's mission in advancing research." - Abbas Sibai

Ambassadors from the Hertie School

Sumit Anand
  • Hertie School
"I prioritize fostering inclusivity and representing student interests. Collaborating with peers, I aim to expand initiatives, enhance educational opportunities, and establish mentorship programs for student access and success." - Sumit Anand
Sofia Garcia-Durrer
  • Hertie School
"As a CIVICA ambassador, my primary priorities are to promote academic collaboration, actively engage with students, act as a cultural bridge, and enhance CIVICA leadership by organizing impactful events." - Sofia Garcia-Durrer

Ambassadors from IE University

Alfredo Echeverria
  • IE University
"CIVICA is what happens when students that are passionate about social sciences and feel that can make a change, meet. It's a way to put our knowledge into practice and push forward projects outside and inside our universities." - Alfredo Echeverria
Matilde Romagnoli
  • IE University
"CIVICA to me means cooperation and deep interest in finding creative ways to achieve common goals." - Matilde Romagnoli

Ambassadors from the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration

Dominique Ogreanu
"CIVICA, the knitting needles of student dreams, offers transnational connections, sharing best practices, and bridging East-West divides. With horizontality, it strengthens student networks, exploring education's societal impact." - Dominique Ogreanu
Vlada Sanduleac
"Dedicated to promoting student well-being within CIVICA, I focus on health and stress management initiatives. My goal is an enriching academic environment empowering students to excel academically and in personal development." - Vlada Sanduleac

Ambassadors from Sciences Po

Alix Coeudevez
  • Sciences Po
"I believe that as a student what makes us Europeans resides in student-led projects like CIVICA. Unity shines through learning, collaboration on ambitious projects, and building critical minds collectively." - Alix Coeudevez
Ethan Gray
  • Sciences Po
"CIVICA has the potential to become one of the leading university cooperation frameworks, creating a common academic identity founded on the social sciences and a transnational integrated community of students and scholars." - Ethan Gray
Oleksandra Pashkina
  • Sciences Po
"As a CIVICA Ambassador, I want to promote our student alliance, our projects, and our work to as many students as possible. I would also like to facilitate communication and exchange between different universities and alliances." - Oleksandra Pashkina

Ambassadors from the SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Karolina Grzeszczuk
  • SGH Warsaw School of Economics
"CIVICA in one word is "opportunity". It's a chance to grow personally and as a society, voice our views, and engage in civic education and innovation. CIVICA allows us to collectively shape the Europe we want to live in." - Karolina Grzeszczuk
Aleks Pietrzak
  • SGH Warsaw School of Economics
"CIVICA is another part of European integration in which we should all take part as active citizens.Democracy thrives with engaged peoples,and CIVICA aligns with my belief in civic engagement as the path to sustainable development." - Aleks Pietrzak

Ambassadors from the Stockholm School of Economics

Lano Mahmood
  • Stockholm School of Economics
"CIVICA will be instrumental in amplifying the role of social sciences in creating a just and sustainable world. I am thrilled at the prospect of participating in this transformative journey." - Lano Mahmood
Lorenzo Malerba
  • Stockholm School of Economics
"In a world of growing disinformation and nationalism, I strive to bridge understanding about our interconnected lives. As a CIVICA Ambassador, I harness the power to raise awareness and foster unity beyond my studies and work." - Lorenzo Malerba

Ambassadors from The London School of Economics and Political Science

Eugenia Brotons-Batista
  • LSE
Xabier Gomez-Meabe
  • LSE
"Recognizing CIVICA as more than a university alliance, I see it as a profound commitment to uphold values and the ethos of liberal education, holding equal importance with the obligation to support the community." - Xabier Gomez-Meabe
Elena Pro
  • LSE
"CIVICA embodies the type of academia I would like to experience in my daily life as an early career scholar. Collaboration among a wide network of scholars. Cutting-edge methodological training. Lastly, a community to be part of!" - Elena Pro

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