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At the undergraduate level, CIVICA launched the Engage Track, a multi-campus interdisciplinary bachelor experience with a focus on civic engagement. By following the Engage Track students can select form a wide range of Engage courses, meet and exchange with their peers and local communities during European Weeks, and share their findings and reflections on topics relevant to society via Showcase Assignments. Students who fulfill the conditions receive a CIVICA Engage Track Certificate.

Students in lectures, Credits: Bocconi University

CIVICA Engage Track

The CIVICA Engage Track is a European multi-campus, interdisciplinary bachelor experience with a focus on civic engagement.

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Family picture of European Week 2022 in Bocconi Sports Centre, Credits: Bocconi University

The CIVICA European Week

Taking place in June, the CIVICA European Week is both a stand-alone learning event and a central element of the CIVICA Engage Track, a bachelor experience open to eligible students at the participating universities.

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Extracurricular activities

Student meeting

Student initiatives

A podcast series? An essay competition? A collaborative report? The CIVICA alliance is open to student initiatives. Find out more and get to know your local CIVICA Ambassadors.

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