Honours Seminars

Honours Seminars

The CIVICA Honours Seminars offer an immersive and intensive 3 to 5 days learning experience to master's students across the CIVICA alliance.

These seminars focus on a deep dive into crucial global topics, promoting interdisciplinary and transnational approaches, and strengthening common European values. As a unique academic initiative held bi-annually, they provide an unparalleled opportunity for students to engage, network, and foster a shared sense of belonging within the CIVICA community, all while enriching their academic and personal development.

The CIVICA Honours seminars at a glance

  • Seasonal sessions
    The seminars are organised twice a year, with Winter Seminars in January and Summer Seminars in June. Starting from the academic year 2023/2024, each partner will offer one Honours seminar per year.

  • Inclusive participation
    CIVICA Honours Seminars are open to master's students based on predetermined slots across the alliance to accommodate both home and traveling students from CIVICA partner institutions with the aim of fostering a truly international and European learning experience.

  • Enhanced learning
    The seminars offer a learning experience that transcends regular coursework. Participants engage in a dynamic environment where dialogue, debate, and the exchange of ideas flourish. The culmination of the seminar experience is a group projector assignment, challenging students to apply their knowledge in collaborative and innovative ways. As further peculiarity, the seminars combine curricular activities with cultural and social activities, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the culture of the host city or country.

  • Community and connection
    One of the core objectives of the CIVICA Honours Seminars is to offer master's students the chance to come together, build networks, and foster relationships that span across Europe. It is an opportunity to connect with peers, faculty, and professionals, creating a vibrant community of forward-thinking individuals.

CIVICA Honours seminar offers

  • Winter 2024
  • Summer 2024
  • "The Economics and Politics of Global Turbulence" -  Bocconi University (Milan)
    Instructors: Prof. Grace Ballor, Prof. Catherine de Vries and Prof. Alexandros Kentikelenis
  • “Demographic Change and Policy Challenges" – Hertie School (Berlin)
    Instructor: Prof. Dr. Michaela Kreyenfeld
  • "The Future of Work and Automation, a Labour + Economic Exploration” – IE University (Madrid), co-taught with LSE
    Instructors: Prof. Antonio Aloisi (IE University) and Prof. Angelo Martelli (LSE)
  • "Climate change negotiation in a European context" – Sciences Po (Paris)
    Instructor: Dr. Francesco Marchi, Director of negotiation expertise at  ALTERNEGO
  • "Roma Rights and Policies in Europe” – CEU (Wien)
    Instructors: Angéla Kóczé, Mathias Möschel, Roland Ferkovics, Marek Hojsik, Violeta Zentai
  • “New Era of Europe” – SGH Warsaw School of Economics
    Instructor: Professor Eliza Przeździecka
  • "Strategic Integration: Managing Organizational Sustainability and Digital Transformation" – SNSPA (Bucharest)
    Instructors: Prof. Florina Pinzaru
  • "Changing the World through Negotiations and leadership" – Stockholm School of Economics
    Instructor: Prof. Andrew Schenkel

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