Offers for PhD / researchers

CIVICA brings together the research communities of eight leading universities in the social sciences, in an environment built on shared resources, facilities and pools of expertise.

Doctoral fellows and researchers, you may use CIVICA to exchange about your research and to link with colleagues working on similar topics. CIVICA’s core research topics are:

  • Societies in Transition and Crises of Earth
  • Challenges to Democracy in the XXIst Century
  • Europe Revisited
  • Data Driven Technologies for the Social Sciences

CIVICA's offers will not be limited to these topics and will continue to grow in the coming months and years. On this page you will find all offers, initiatives, contact persons and opportunities relevant to you.


Student in the Hertie School library
Hertie School

Hertie School holds online PhD workshops open to the CIVICA network

During times of digital learning, the Hertie School organised several online trainings to allow PhD researchers to advance their professional and methods skills.

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