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Two CIVICA universities in Financial Times Top 10 Masters in Management


In the Financial Times 2020 Masters in Management ranking, which assesses business schools from all over the world, two CIVICA universities are ranked among the top ten.

In the Financial Times (FT) 2020 Masters in Management ranking published today, which assesses business schools from all over the world, two CIVICA universities are ranked among the top ten. The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) makes the jump from number 13 to number 7, while Bocconi University advances from tenth to ninth place.

The Stockholm School of Economics credits a close relationship with alumni and corporate partners, helping staff and faculty better understand what qualities employers are looking for in future recruits.

 “We look for flexible, open-minded and compassionate people, who understand their future roles as leaders. We nurture those qualities, encourage personal development and challenge their ambitions and values. Their success after finishing the program is proof that we are matching well with what companies today are looking for. This is essentially a program about good people,” says Assistant Professor Ciara Sutton, Program Manager for SSE’s Master in International Business. 

Another key factor in SSE’s ranking is internationalisation. Not only has the student body become more international, the content of the program has as well. There are ample opportunities for students to travel abroad for exchanges and projects, increasing their international exposure. 

These opportunities are strengthened through partnerships with other top universities in the CIVICA alliance, such as Bocconi University, whose MSc in International Management occupies ninth place in the FT world ranking. 

The programme prepares future managers and entrepreneurs to make a major contribution to the performance of organisations and companies around the world, while also applying the principles of social responsibility and sustainability to business practice. 

The international opportunities for students, the classroom experience and the faculty are some of the criteria that attest to the success of Bocconi’s programme. Additionally, all alumni are in employment three months after graduating, with improved salary and career prospects. 

“The success of this program is the result of the excellent and continuous work of our Graduate School, directed by Antonella Caru', which leads to an effective combination of quality content, academic profile of the faculty and continuous interaction with companies, financial institutions and consulting firms," comments Stefano Caselli, the Dean for International Affairs at Bocconi University.

Several of Bocconi’s programmes have established themselves in other notable international rankings, such as the QS rankings. 

In the CIVICA alliance, SSE and Bocconi University cooperate with six other leading universities across Europe to develop further academic opportunities for students, capitalising on the successes of their current programmes. 

Photo credits: Juliana Wiklund (SSE) and Bocconi University

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