Paul Apostolidis, LSE

Using technology to connect universities and communities


Ahead of the 3 June CIVICA conference on "Digitalisation and the Future of Higher Education," Dr Paul Apostolidis (LSE) reflects on higher ed efforts to generate new civic programming with the help of digital tools.

Paul Apostolidis is Associate Professorial Lecturer and Deputy Head of Department for Education in the LSE Department of Government. 

In the video below, we talk to him about the opportunities created by digital tools to bridge academia with local, regional or international actors. As a leader of civically engaged research activities for students at the LSE, Apostolidis shares his experiences using digital media to connect students to community groups for deeper, more practical learning.

To learn more about digitalisation in higher education from the perspective of policymakers, theorists, practitioners, PhD researchers or students, register for the online CIVICA conference on 3 June 5:15pm CET.

Digitalisation and the Future of Higher Education: Interview with Paul Apostolidis