The “Green CIVICA Charter”: An initiative forged by students and researchers


In a progressive stride towards environmental responsibility, students and researchers from CIVICA member universities have joined forces to introduce the Green CIVICA Charter, a collective commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices across CIVICA campuses and beyond.

TheGreen CIVICA Charter, a result of collaborative efforts from two dozen students and researchers from the alliance’s member universities, was developed in 2023 with the support from the third cohort of CIVICA Ambassadors, the SGH Warsaw School of Economics and the CIVICA Secretariat. The drafting process also incorporated external reviews by both junior and senior scholars and practitioners.

Pledges towards sustainability: A unified vision

The Green CIVICA Charter is more than just a manifesto; it's a set of pledges that students and researchers vow to uphold, promoting responsible actions to minimize environmental impact. It outlines key pledges for sustainability, including practices such as using reusable containers, adhering to waste management guidelines, and conserving water through mindful faucet use. It extends to eco-friendly habits in cleaning, energy efficiency, resource sharing, and climate control. The Charter also emphasizes responsible electronic waste disposal, device maintenance, and promotes a paperless environment, while encouraging global advocacy and knowledge sharing for innovative energy-saving methods.

From vision to vow: A collaborative achievement

The charter stands as a testament to the power of collaboration. The combined efforts of students, researchers, and supportive institutions have produced a comprehensive guide for sustainable living and environmental responsibility. It is a call to action, challenging not only CIVICA member universities but also inspiring other institutions to adopt similar green policies.

As we collectively navigate the path towards a more sustainable future, the Green CIVICA Charter serves as a beacon of hope, representing a shared commitment to safeguarding our planet for generations to come.

To read the full manifesto, please click here.

CIVICA Ambassadors project: Green CIVICA