SNSPA CIVICA Ambassadors attracted students to the Door2Door campaign


Between 3 and 7 April 2023, as part of the CIVICA Door2Door information campaign, SNSPA students had the chance to learn more about the opportunities offered by the latest programmes, projects and events held within CIVICA from the two SNSPA CIVICA Ambassadors, Joanna Grams and Alexandra-Bianca Marica. 

With the support of the teaching staff, Joanna and Alexandra entered classes in both bachelor's and master's programmes, presenting to the students the activities of the European alliance CIVICA. On Thursday April 13, 2023, in the central hall, between 12-5pm, the two Ambassadors organised a stand dedicated to the CIVICA project aimed at students interested in the academic programmes within the alliance. 

Regarding the opportunity to promote the CIVICA Door2Door campaign, Alexandra said she was excited to share this important initiative with the SNSPA students. "I emphasised the importance of the CIVICA alliance of top European universities in the social sciences. I presented its benefits to students, researchers and society."

CIVICA Door2Door was a highly interactive and informative campaign that allowed students to go beyond reading or listening about CIVICA. Students had the opportunity to engage with the SNSPA CIVICA Ambassadors directly.  

In her turn, Joanna considers it a fantastic experience to be involved and promote CIVICA: "This community brings together many passionate, open-minded, and ambitious people who want to develop their skills and expand their horizons."

Attracting the students' interest  

Alexandra: "I captured the students' attention by presenting concrete examples of projects and events organised by CIVICA, which are relevant to current social issues and significantly contribute to knowledge development in their fields. I felt a great openness and interest from the students, which was a great source of satisfaction for me."

Joanna: "At the stand we set up at SNSPA, we interacted with students, answered their questions and provided additional information about CIVICA's developments and opportunities. During my presentations, I emphasised the wide variety of offers for students of all levels − workshops, conferences, student-led initiatives and joint courses, to name just a few."

Impressions following discussions with students 

Alexandra: "The interaction with the SNSPA students was enjoyable and productive. I was impressed by their level of involvement and wish to develop their skills and knowledge in the field of social sciences. I was delighted to be able to answer their questions and provide them with the necessary information to understand better the benefits offered by CIVICA."

Joanna: "Our peers showed a great interest in CIVICA initiatives, especially European Week, futurEU and joint and multi-campus courses. There was real curiosity about how they could get involved in the upcoming projects. The event provided Alexandra and I a chance to interact with students. It allowed us to discuss with professors actively involved in CIVICA activities. Through these conversations, we were able to gain valuable insights. Furthermore, the event served as a platform for us to understand better the students' interests, which will be instrumental in improving CIVICA's offer and communication activities. The time of the campaign was an intense period, but the experience was valuable and rewarding."


Alexandra: "Regarding plans, it is essential to continue promoting CIVICA and involving more SNSPA students and researchers in projects and events organised by the alliance. It would also be interesting to think of other forms of collaboration and idea exchange among CIVICA members to increase its impact and relevance in European society. This initiative can significantly contribute to developing education and research in the social sciences. I am confident that we will find new ways to collaborate and share knowledge in the future."

Joanna: "Although CIVICA has a regular presence in student and academic life at SNSPA, it is important to encourage further participation in events and projects. I hope the next CIVICA Ambassadors will carry on this initiative, promoting CIVICA among the students at our university and beyond. With their passion, dedication and drive, I am confident they will continue to inspire and motivate others to engage with CIVICA's activities. I am optimistic about the future."

Written by Cătălin Mosoia (SNSPA Editorial Team).

Photo credits: SNSPA