SGH leads the first meeting of the third cohort of CIVICA Ambassadors


The role of SGH Warsaw School of Economics in the current phase of the CIVICA alliance is to build an engaged student community and its common identity, deeply rooted in European values and heritage.

Our main goal is to support networking, implement joint projects and increase the potential and competencies of students. No less important is the deepening of the sense of community and unity among CIVICA students through projects and inter-university initiatives, and the development of a common identity through value-based projects and initiatives related to European culture and heritage.

We will achieve these goals through various initiatives, activities, and projects, such as the establishment of the CIVICA Student Board, which will be part of the overall CIVICA governance. In order to integrate students from 10 CIVICA campuses, various sports and cultural events will be organized. To support the development and implementation of student projects, the establishment of the Student Engagement Fund is planned.

One of the main projects is the continuation of the CIVICA Ambassadors initiative, which started in early November with an online meeting of all the newly elected Ambassadors. Below you will learn more about this meeting and and the goals for the next months for new CIVICA Ambassadors.

The kick-off meeting

During the online kick-off meeting on November 7, all CIVICA Ambassadors got to meet each other for the first time. After the introductions of each CIVICA Ambassador we briefly presented the member universities and pillars of CIVICA, the academic offers for students and (post)doctoral researchers, and the extracurricular offers such as public events (CIVICA Public Lectures “Tours d’Europe”), civic engagement (outreach activities to high schools and marginalised groups), cultural and sports events, hackathons & last but not least, bottom-up student and (post)doctoral researchers initiatives. We have also shown examples of student-led projects from the first phase. The most important ones that will continue are:

  • futurEU Competition (“Contributing to the debate on shaping the EU of tomorrow”) – join the project;
  • The European Student Assembly (“Bringing together 200/300 student representatives from all 41 European University Alliances") – join the event until 4 December;
  • Doctoral Research Groups (“Fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange between early career researchers”) – join the project now.

The most important part of the meeting was the presentation on the role of CIVICA Ambassadors at their universities which is priceless. The first part of their engagement is outreach & promotion. CIVICA Ambassadors are informal representatives of their universities in the alliance and act as the first point of contact for their peers on CIVICA issues. They also participate in promoting CIVICA initiatives at their university. The second part of their responsibilities as CIVICA Ambassadors is involvement in student projects and civic engagement initiatives, such as: initiating and engaging in bottom-up projects; facilitating exchanges between the student communities; contributing to the alliance’s civic engagement activities.

The objectives for the coming months

The new CIVICA Ambassadors also told about the objectives for the coming months. On 22-24 January 2023, they will come to SGH Warsaw School of Economics to meet in person with all the other Ambassadors. The remaining monthly one-hour meetings during the academic year will be held online. The CIVICA Ambassadors will collaborate daily on the MyCIVICA platform on CIVICA Social/Whaller where they will have their sphere and where everyone can set up a sub-sphere for bottom-up projects.

Meet the CIVICA Ambassadors

CIVICA Ambassadors range from undergraduate students to postdoctoral researchers, and represent each university in the alliance. Visit this webpage to meet and get in touch with the CIVICA Ambassadors.

Read the news on the website of SGH Warsaw School of Economics here

Written by Maria Karaś (CIVICA communications representative, SGH Warsaw School of Economics) and Małgorzata Chromy (CIVICA manager, SGH Warsaw School of Economics).