Mark Dawson appointed as theme leader for "Europe Revisited"


Mark Dawson, professor of European law and governance at the Hertie School, has recently been appointed as theme leader for CIVICA’s research focus area "Europe Revisited", replacing Bruno De Witte from the European University Institute.

The goal of this thematic group is to bring together multidisciplinary teams from across the CIVICA alliance to research key issues about the EU from a social science perspective.  

Already involved within the thematic group Europe Revisited since its early days, Mark led with Bruno de Witte one of the thematic group’s research projects, ‘Contesting the court: Re-visiting judicial politics in the EU’, funded as part of CIVICA Research by the Horizon2020 programme. Professors and researchers from all CIVICA partner institutions are part of this thematic group.  

According to Mark, CIVICA has created numerous opportunities for researchers to work collaboratively on projects that were within their scope of interest.  

“The group brings together both those who have worked together collaboratively prior to the foundation of CIVICA Research and those who have started to integrate their research and teaching as a result of the CIVICA alliance. It is a diverse group but one bound together through a common interest in Europe and its economic, legal and political systems.” 

Speaking about his appointment, Mark Dawson said he is very much looking forward to taking over this new position. As theme leader, Mark will take on a coordination-based role. His focus will be leveraging what the CIVICA alliance has to offer to deliver high quality research and teaching through the mobilisation of the partner institutions.  

“I am excited about building on CIVICA’s excellent research and education through our joint activities, working on the best way to deliver hackathons, research exchanges and other events”. 

The Hertie School, as well as all other institutions within the alliance have already benefited from being part of this thematic group in different ways. In the past, members of the Europe Revisited focus group have organised and taught two summer schools, during which PhD researchers at the Hertie School have been able to participate. 

“Offering opportunities to visit and exchange with other CIVICA institutions is a major added value - we will supplement this in the coming months with new opportunities for researcher and faculty exchange and for study groups in different thematic areas” added Mark. 

The Hertie School and CIVICA’s partner institutions congratulate Mark Dawson for this new appointment.