IE University at the CIVICA European Week 2023


The CIVICA European Week 2023 brought together approximately 100 bachelor students, lecturers, and experts in Paris this year to collaborate on the theme of ecological transitions. Borja Santos, Vice Dean and Professor at IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs, shared his insights on this experience from IE University.

The fascinating and unique CIVICA European Week 2023 took place between 27-30 June at Sciences Po in Paris. This week brought together 80 bachelor students from Bocconi, CEU, IE University, SNSPA, Sciences Po, SGH, SSE, and LSE, along with ten Ukrainian bachelor students through the CIVICA for Ukraine project. Additionally, there were ten expert lecturers and ten tutors from the participating universities.

The theme of this edition was "Ecological Transitions: Cities on the Frontline." I had the privilege of participating as a tutor representing my institution, IE University, and I was truly impressed by the diverse learning opportunities this experience offered our students.

Firstly, the academic sessions were thoughtfully designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the ecological transition. They explored topics such as the impact of climate change on geopolitics, current climate agreements, the effects on small islands and other territories, the relationship between climate and migration, the correlation between climate and democracy, new indicators for the well-being of economy, and the protection of biodiversity through intergovernmental platforms. These sessions deepened students' understanding of Europe's transition to sustainability.

Secondly, the European Week provided a hands-on approach, allowing students to visit various urban sustainability projects. Through field visits and case studies, students gained insight into the political and socio-economic implications of environmental issues.

Thirdly, the European Week served as a platform to foster European values such as democracy, pluralism, tolerance, and justice. Students engaged in discussions about the fundamental transitions to sustainability and had the opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives.

Lastly, the participation of ten Ukrainian students added a valuable perspective to the event. Not only did they share their firsthand experiences with the war, but they also shared their future plans, dreams, and ideas. The discussions centered around how Ukraine and Europe can collaborate in addressing common challenges.

In summary, the CIVICA European Week 2023 was a remarkable collective project that brought together a pan-European community and a remarkable success to fostering knowledge, collaboration, and sustainability. Long life to the European Civica Week!

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Written by Borja Santos, Vice Dean and Professor at IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs

photo credits: Lola Leboulleux (Sciences Po)

Day 4: student presentation and discussion on the sustainable urban projects
Day 2: off-campus visit in Saint-Denis