Magnus Mähring, SSE

Hybridisation as the future of education


Ahead of the 3 June CIVICA conference on "Digitalisation and the Future of Higher Education," Magnus Mähring (SSE) discusses how we can leverage technology to improve education long-term.

Magnus Mähring is the Erling Persson Professor of Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), Chair of the SSE House of Innovation and the Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology, and a Fellow at Cambridge University and at IMIT. His research focuses on digital innovation and transformation.

In the video below, he reflects on the move online at SSE, the opportunities opened up by technology, and the potential of hybrid formats for the future of education. “The more we use technologies, the more we will be challenged to develop the parts that technology cannot do,” especially the social aspects of learning, says Prof. Mähring.

How are universities impacted by and how can they contribute to the digital transformation? Sign up for the online CIVICA conference on “Digitalisation and the Future of Higher Education” on 3 June from 5:15pm CET. Policymakers, theorists, practitioners and students will come together to reflect on the potential of recent innovations to advance education. The audience will have plenty of opportunities to participate in the debate.

Photo: Juliana Wiklund (SSE)

Digitalisation and the Future of Higher Education: Magnus Mähring