Anna Prisca Lohse, Hertie School

Diversity of perspectives crucial for high-quality digital education (video)


Ahead of the 3 June CIVICA conference on "Digitalisation and the Future of Higher Education," PhD researcher Anna Prisca Lohse (Hertie School) reflects on her experiences with digital education.

Anna Prisca Lohse is a PhD candidate in Educational Governance at the Hertie School. Her research explores higher education internationalisation policies in France, England, and Germany, with a particular focus on COVID-19 and Brexit disruptions.

In the video below, she reflects on her experiences with digitalisation in education, presenting in an online CIVICA PhD panel, and how universities and policymakers can work together to harness the potential of digital education. In order to design high-quality digital education, Anna thinks "all stakeholders need to get together to create the legal, political and pedagogical infrastructure that's needed to create a beneficial learning environment."

To learn more about digitalisation in higher education from the perspective of policymakers, theorists, practitioners, PhD researchers or students, register for the online CIVICA conference on 3 June 5:15pm CET.

Digitalisation and the Future of Higher Education: Interview with Anna Prisca Lohse