Connecting with Ambassadors at the CIVICA Student Association Forum


CIVICA Ambassador Sofía García-Durrer from the Hertie School talks about her experience at the CIVICA Student Association Forum in Warsaw.

Last November, the SGH Warsaw School of Economics hosted student representatives from across the CIVICA alliance. The event brought together student representatives from ten leading social science universities to meet and discuss their various student clubs and associations and their respective projects. Their aim was to learn from each other’s expertise and work on shared projects. We spoke to the Hertie School CIVICA Ambassador Sofía García-Durrer about her experience visiting Warsaw and meeting the other students.

Tell us about your experience travelling to Warsaw! Was it your first time there?

Yes, it was my first time in Warsaw, and it was an incredible experience. The old city and its architecture were particularly captivating. On the last night, we did a tour and got to explore the historic charm of Warsaw, with its well-preserved buildings and paved streets. Our visit to the city’s Jewish Museum left me with a deep appreciation for the city's rich history and culture. I can’t wait to come back again and dig into more of what this incredible city has to offer, including tasty Polish treats like the pierogi we got to try during the tour. Looking forward to more adventures, museums and delicious Polish dishes on the upcoming visits!

What was your highlight?

My highlight was the invaluable opportunity to connect with students from other universities. Building connections with individuals from different backgrounds added depth to the overall experience. I also had the chance to bond with fellow Hertie students during the trip, creating fun memories that enhanced the sense of community within our own group. These interactions made the Forum a truly enriching and memorable experience for me.

What was your main takeaway from the Student Association Forum?

We all saw how much potential there is for collaboration within the CIVICA alliance. It was a great opportunity to build connections, share experiences, and expand my network within the CIVICA community. By the end of the weekend, I wished for more time to get to know all the other CIVICA Ambassadors! The Student Association Forum was a great kick-off for building connections to foster future projects together.

What was your favourite workshop?

Of all the workshops, my favourite one was “Design Thinking”, which was facilitated by a highly motivated Polish professor who brought a contagious energy to the session. Exploring the principles of design thinking enhanced my problem-solving skills, but also sparked a new level of creativity.

What was your favourite social event?

My favourite social event was the club night. Thanks to the vibrant and lively atmosphere, we were able to meet a lot of people, and we got a taste of the exciting party scene in Warsaw.

Written by Sophie Morris (Hertie School). 

Photo credits: SGH Warsaw School of Economics.