Illustration, CIVICA's four focus areas

CIVICA's first call for research proposals: 27 projects submitted


Most projects bring together three CIVICA partners.

Open from 1 February to 23 March 2021, CIVICA's first call for research proposals invited faculty and (postdoctoral) researchers from the alliance to team up for new collaborative research projects under one of CIVICA's four focus areas (Societies in Transition and Crises of Earth; Democracy in the 21st Century; Europe Revisited; Data-Driven Technologies for Social Sciences).

Marking the start of CIVICA Research activities, the call aimed to foster new, innovative research and strengthen cooperation between the partners.

27 project proposals were submitted in response to the call. Most projects bring together three CIVICA partners, with the biggest project involving six partners. The proposals address a variety of topics aligned with CIVICA's four focus areas, with several projects linking thematic areas.

The call for proposals is funded from CIVICA’s Horizon 2020 funds and partners’ own resources. 

The evaluation committee consists of the vice-presidents for research and/or senior faculty of the eight CIVICA universities (Permanent Design Team) and the local grant coordinating units.

The projects selected for funding will be announced on 19 May 2021.