CIVICA Library opens gateway to The European Review of Books


Endeavouring to enrich intellectual discourse and broaden perspectives, the CIVICA Library has unveiled a unique initiative offering trial access to The European Review of Books until December 31. This exclusive opportunity extends to libraries at partner institutions such as Bocconi, CEU, Hertie School, Sciences Po, SGH, SNSPA, and LSE.

Curated by the Review Publisher in collaboration with Ben Carver, who teaches research writing at the EUI, the European Review of Books is not your typical literary journal. Originating in the Netherlands through crowdfunding, and with the backing of the University of Maastricht, it boasts a diverse array of content ranging from book reviews to fiction, travelogues, provocations, parodies, poems, and more.

“It’s been an absolute joy to work with the European Review of Books. The early-career scholars on our Creative Academic Writing course develop pieces with the magazine’s ´Pearls’ section in mind and the ERB editors give these their expert evaluation. Their enthusiasm for new writing amidst a crowded and often reputation-driven cultural scene is wonderfully refreshing” shared Ben Carver.

Founded by a collective of journalists and researchers, the journal is on a mission to delve into the intricate layers of a multifaceted Europe that transcends conventional boundaries. Going beyond the mainstream, it challenges the traditional norms associated with Brussels, presenting a Europe in the throes of redefinition. 

The European Review of Books combines gravity with playfulness, featuring an unconventional design with uncut pages, poems, and notes. It stands as a testament to the belief that understanding 'Europe' requires a departure from the ordinary, embracing the unconventional and diverse facets that contribute to the continent's identity. 

This initiative not only provides a glimpse into the vibrant contents of the European Review of Books but also fosters a collaborative intellectual environment among the participating libraries. For those eager to explore and challenge preconceived notions of 'European,' this trial access offers a gateway to a literary journey like no other. 

Access until 31 December for the following libraries:

For further details and access queries, interested members are encouraged to contact: Library(at)

Picture credits: The European Review of Books