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CIVICA graduates show high school students the way forward


A video project features graduates from the alliance’s schools to promote the importance and benefits of higher education and awareness of career opportunities at European level.

Six graduates from CIVICA universities have come together in a video to act as positive and inspiring role models for high school students across Europe and highlight the importance of higher education and opportunities for professional paths at European level.

In the video, the graduates share their stories about the academic path that took them from high school to their current professional roles, shaping their way towards personal and professional development, the main challenges they faced along the way, and their advice to young students who wish to follow similar paths.

One of CIVICA’s pillars is to promote civic engagement. The FYI (Find Your Inspiration) – Role Models in Higher Education video initiative is part of a series of projects and activities aimed at high schools across Europe, promoting access to higher education and social mobility especially among students from underprivileged backgrounds, and encouraging and motivating them to make the most of higher education opportunities.

The video project was developed by Bocconi’s CIVICA project team, together with the other CIVICA universities, and produced under the guidance of Bocconi’s BUILT (Bocconi University Innovations in Learning & Teaching).

“CIVICA is a tangible example of the value of European integration,” says Silvia Colombo, Director of Institutional Affairs at Bocconi, who coordinated the video project. “And it is important to show students across the continent that there are important and rewarding careers in the European sphere and how higher education can help them reach such opportunities.”

The video includes among the participants Anya Supurenko, a Ukranian graduate from Hertie School, now Executive Director at the European Youth Parliament, Andrei Apostică (SNSPA), Senior procurement administrator at the ECB, Petter Martinsson (SSE), Political Advisor to the Minister for EU Affairs in Stockholm, Domenico Carofiglio (Bocconi), Policy Assistant at the European Commission, and Remy Dick (Sciences Po), Mayor of Florange.

“Working in the European sphere gives you a sense of purpose, that you are working for the common good, and is also a great multicultural environment,” says Adelaide Mozzi, another Bocconi graduate featured in the video who, after experiences at the New York State Assembly, Italian Senate and DG for Competition at the European Commission in Brussels, is now Head of the Economic Sector at the Representation of the European Commission in Italy. “In high school, you often don’t know what you want to do later in life and I hope sharing my experience shows the opportunities out there and the help higher education can give. My message is to be curious and go by attempts until you find your path.”

You can watch the Find Your Inspiration video below.

Written by Tomaso Eridani (Bocconi University)

FYI - Find Your Inspiration - Role models in higher education