Students at the Stockholm School of Economics, Photo: Juliana Wiklund

CIVICA European Week 2021 in Stockholm


The CIVICA European Week is both a stand-alone learning event and a central element of the CIVICA Engage Track, and will be taking place for the first time in Stockholm in June.

Students from four of the CIVICA universities will be taking part in the exciting bachelor experience.

The Stockholm School of Economics will host the European Week 2021 from 8-11 of June in a hybrid format (both in Stockholm and online). For four days, about 40 bachelor students from SSE, LSE, Bocconi and Sciences Po will work in virtual groups with organisations engaged in promoting financial literacy to solve a specific challenge.

No one doubts that reading and writing, the components of traditional literacy, should be available on equal terms to all if we are to have a fair and equitable society. This is a cornerstone of our commitment to public education. What then about “financial literacy”? This was initially defined as “the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage one’s financial resources effectively for lifetime financial security.” Research shows that knowledge on this topic is generally low, and especially low among people who have had limited education opportunities or people with low incomes.

The participating students will make the realisation that not everyone has the same access to financial knowledge, have the opportunity to think about why it is that way and get at least an initial glimpse into what organizations are doing to try to fix it.

This will be the first European Week and a kick-off for the whole CIVICA Engage Track at the bachelor’s level. It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to immerse themselves in action-based learning and get a great learning outcome. They will also get a chance to build a network for their future.

Written by Astrid Lindholm (SSE)

Photo: Juliana Wiklund