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Academic Advance Research Hub for social scientists


SNSPA launched the Academic Advance Research, a research hub on instruments dedicated to social sciences researchers, with the aim of creating an academic network of excellence.

The project coordinator, Prof Florina Pînzaru, Dean of the Faculty of Management at SNSPA, successfully brought together professors and experts in management, governmental studies, leadership, economics, communication, public administration, and international relations.  

Addressing young and experienced researchers, the Academic Advance Research Hub consists of a selection of valuable research instruments and opportunities: academic databases, research software, social research networks, conferences, journals, experts' opinions, and dedicated videocasts.  

The hub represents a platform for social science scientists to exchange information in the network and with researchers belonging to other networks. Among the benefits are increased visibility of research, access to knowledge and enhanced knowledge transfer and valorisation. Ultimately, all social scientists and universities act together within the CIVICA Research structure.  

Therefore, the Academic Advance Research Hub has the potential to become a place for best research practices, and expertise exchanged with other similar initiatives of the CIVICA alliance's universities.  

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Written by SNSPA's editorial team