CIVICA responds to COVID-19

The CIVICA alliance mobilises knowledge and action in response to the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 crisis poses unprecedented challenges that call for complex insights, collective responses and immediate action.

A deeper understanding of the short- and long-term effects of the pandemic alongside active involvement in local communities is crucial in helping society navigate and make informed choices about the present and future.

Due to their capacity to synthesise diverse forms of knowledge across different disciplines, the social sciences are in an ideal position to provide insight into the social and economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis and to effect positive social change. 

By harnessing this potential, we, the universities in the CIVICA alliance, are fully committed to seeding our knowledge into the public realm and to engaging for the common good of Europe and the world in the wake of the pandemic.

Our scholars across all CIVICA campuses are making their research available for experts, policymakers and the general public alike, collaborative research projects are taking a hands-on approach to generate solutions, while alumni and student communities are joining forces to actively help local communities. 

CIVICA joint statement on the COVID-19 crisis

Joint statement on social sciences in a time of crisis

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CIVICA alliance’s COVID-19 knowledge hub

Visit this page for a collection of responses around the COVID-19 pandemic from across the CIVICA alliance. 

The research outputs, expert insights, media features and examples of community involvement collected on this page promote a deeper understanding of the impacts of the pandemic, encourage an open dialogue at all levels of society, and support policymakers in crafting evidence-based responses.

We hope that these resources will help build civic resilience and will offer a multifaceted perspective on how COVID-19 is reshaping society for the present and future. 

COVID-19 and online learning

For information on how the universities in the CIVICA alliance are adapting to online learning and responding to the crisis at a structural level, please visit their COVID-19 info pages: