Press & Mediakit

Press & Mediakit

CIVICA Brand Guidelines 

Access the CIVICA Brand Guidelines for a full overview of our alliance's visual identity, including information about the logo, use of colours, publications, video, web and merchandising.

Please refer to the brand guidelines for a correct application of the logo. In case of doubt, contact info(at)

About CIVICA - The European University of Social Sciences

Key facts about our European University alliance can be found here. You can also visit Our history page and our Governance page. If you have more specific questions, please contact us at info(at)

Research Specialists

Experts and research leaders of our thematic groups are available for interviews, research discussions or guest posts. Search our directory for experts based on CIVICA's thematic priorities linked below or contact us directly. An overview of the latest research news and events from our experts can be found at the following pages:


Partners‘ Pressrooms

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