Discover CIVICA

Discover CIVICA

CIVICA – The European University of Social Sciences brings together eight leading European higher education institutions in the social sciences, with a total of 50,000 students & (post)doctoral researchers and 10,000 faculty members.

Since 2019, CIVICA members have been building an innovative university model that actively contributes to European society, and that places students and (post)doctoral researchers at its heart.

Starting from October 2022, CIVICA will broaden its offering to a wider community as IE University (Spain) and the SGH Warsaw School of Economics (Poland) will formally join the university alliance.

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Academic opportunities

Students at Sciences Po and at the Hertie School engage in online activities

Joint master's courses

Master's students from the alliance's partner universities can sign up for joint master’s courses, co-designed and co-taught by faculty from two different institutions.


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Students at SSE, photo by Priscila Elias

CIVICA Engage Track

Bachelor students from Bocconi, Sciences Po, SSE and LSE can take part in the CIVICA Engage Track, an interdisciplinary, multi-campus experience that combines study with civic engagement.

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Participants of the European Week 2022, Credits: Bocconi University

European Week

Along the Engage Track, bachelor students from Bocconi, Sciences Po, SSE and LSE can access the CIVICA European Week – a short-term immersive programme for students to address social challenges together with local organisations.

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Students at Bocconi University engaged in academic work

The future of Europe - master's multicampus course

In fall 2021, master’s students from partner universities could participate in “The Future of Europe”, CIVICA’s flagship multi-campus course, and work in transnational teams on EU policy challenges.

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Glasses on a book

ESR course catalogue

PhD and postdoctoral researchers have countless opportunities to attend classes, workshops and seminars from across the alliance through the early-stage researcher (ESR) course catalogue.

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Further training resources

Through CIVICA's rich offer of trainings, PhD/postdoc researchers can advance their professional and methods skills.


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In addition to the offers above, students and (post)doctoral researchers can benefit from the mobility agreements between CIVICA members. Contact your home university for more details on existing mobility opportunities.

Extra-curricular opportunities

Students engage with one another at a location in Berlin

Civic engagement

CIVICA campuses collaborate with local high schools and communities to promote access to higher education, social diversity and civic engagement.

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CIVICA Ambassadors 21/22

Meet the CIVICA Ambassadors

The CIVICA Ambassadors promote interaction and exchange within the alliance's communities and act as first points of contact to CIVICA for peers. 

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Image of woman with loudspeaker

futurEU Competition

The futurEU competition provides CIVICA students and PhD researchers with a platform to actively find and propose policy solutions tackling questions of EU reform.

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Over to Europe - A podcast of the CIVICA community

Over to Europe brings CIVICA’s students, researchers, faculty and staff into dialogue about the ideas and values that are central to Europe.

FuturEU student initiative

Report on the Future of Europe

The Report on the Future of Europe is meant for young Europeans to reflect on tough questions regarding Europe's future and propose their vision for a way forward.

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CIVICA and its partner universities regularly host events to showcase academic research and to engage the wider public with knowledge for society.

Illustration for the CIVICA Public Lecture Series Tours d'Europe

CIVICA Public Lecture Series Tours d’Europe

Researchers and experts from CIVICA member universities share their findings and interrogations on contemporary issues with a non-expert audience. The events are open to all those interested.

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COVID-19-related events

Events from CIVICA members

Online lectures, seminars, conferences, round tables, workshops and others. The CIVICA alliance brings together experts, policymakers and representatives of the public and private sectors to provide citizens with multifaceted perspectives on contemporary issues.

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The CIVICA Ambassadors

Meet the CIVICA Ambassadors

The CIVICA Ambassadors act as first points of contact to CIVICA for their peers. Contact a CIVICA Ambassador at your home institution.

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Students at Bocconi University engaged in academic work

CIVICA’s first multicampus course concludes with European teamwork on major EU policy challenges

More than 130 master’s students from the alliance have benefitted from the cross-border interdisciplinary experience.

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Presentation of the Report on the Future of Europe, SMLH event, 8 November
Bocconi University

Young Europeans’ vision for the future of Europe

The "Report on the Future of Europe," drafted by students from CIVICA and beyond in response to key challenges the EU is facing, was presented at a high-level event in Rome.

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Michelle Graabek

New forms of academic mobility: Students reap the benefit of CIVICA’s online course catalogue

CIVICA’s Early Stage Researcher Course Catalogue is a gateway to courses and training across the alliance.

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Climate demo Marseille credit GERARD BOTTINO Shutterstock
Sciences Po

From evidence to action: “Climate Change and the EU” highlights the path forward in combating climate change

Sciences Po’s event in the CIVICA Public Lecture Series Tours d’Europe brought together researchers, students and the audience to address vital climate concerns.

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Camille Bou, LSE

A PhD student’s experience of CIVICA coursework

LSE PhD student Camille Bou reflects on her experience taking a CIVICA course and on the ever-growing opportunities of the alliance.

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Screenshot CIVICA European Week online mingle

European collaboration success for CIVICA

In June, 40 undergraduate students from CIVICA members took part in the first edition of the CIVICA European Week, organised by SSE.

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